Catalonia Discarded

The Generalitat yesterday gave another twist to the strategy to stand up to the High Court of Justice of Catalonia and keep unchanged the language immersion model now questioned by that agency. The counteroffensive, personally orchestrated by the President of the catalan Government, the convergent Artur Mas, and their advisers, focuses on two fronts: the judiciary, denying to the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) powers to demand changes to a law in force in less than two months; and the politician with the sight-oriented to the needs of the future Moncloa. CiU is still running with the PP in Catalonia, a preferred partner of the Government in the minority. But the PP perhaps not can count with CiU in Congress in the next parliamentary term, when the party led by Rajoy may require pacts with nationalists if he ends up winning the elections but without achieving an absolute majority. Source of the news:: Catalonia discarded a court to alter its linguistic model

Without Vacation

Two works had been developed in the school in the initiative of a community and social life better. They had been: ' ' Day ' ' D' ' of the Paz' ' ' ' Planet in Apuros' ' , the first one had approach in the violence and in the attempt of awareness for one better social development, showing how much the removal of the young ones is important it stops with the violence. As it aimed at to display the great problems ambient that are collaborating with the global heating. The main focus was to try to acquire knowledge each pupil of that we can make our part for a better environment and this starting from the pertaining to school environment with small gestures that they can improve and very our environment. I finish it project that I detach in this year of 2011 is the project ' ' Without Vacation for the Leitura' ' , in this, the pupils would have to develop the reading and the synthesis of at least a book during the vacation time and still detaching the main ideas of the book, author what more it called attention in the book, being that the socialization of these points would be made in room in the return to the lessons. The work aimed at the reinforcement of the practical reader and the vocabulary of the pupils since 6 year of basic to 3 the year of average education, all applied by a qualitative and increasing education, exactly that in the vacations. 2.4 Discipline It of History and the Professor of History in 2 year B disciplines It of History in 2 year takes care of the curricular matrix of the school where if he evidences as abilities: The instruction of the pupil in its social formation placing it as propeller of history. The identification on the part of the pupil of the historical processes that had made to arrive until the politicosocial picture the one that we find in them beyond the scientific understanding of disciplines in the procedural context of its formation.

The Reason

From the point of view of my martial art, I find weak schools. The reason for this is that these schools do not know how to win others by whatever means necessary, considering that virtue is the length of the sword, they want their swords are very long in order to defeat opponents from a distance. The common saying about winning even a centimeter is something that concerns people who do not know martial arts. Any attempt to gain advantage from a distance by the length of the sword, without know the principles of the martial arts, is something people do for weak of heart. It is for this reason I consider this martial art as weak. Sometimes when you're struggling with an opponent and have little space, the longer our sword, the harder it will hit him. You can not wield the sword back and forth with sufficient ease, and it becomes a nuisance. Then in a worse situation than someone who is driving a small side sword.

Those who prefer very long swords have their own reasons, but is only logical to themselves since ancient times has said that includes the little big, so there is a question of rejecting indiscriminately length, is a question of rejecting the deviant attitude which only takes into account the length. Hits powerful sword in the other schools should not be a distinction between strong and weak attacks hits saber. The motion of a sword made with the intention of wielding strong is rude, and it is difficult to win only with the rudeness. If golpeais the sword of another strongly, using a movement too powerful, have negative consequences for excessive force. If golpeais the sword the other, so forced, will be our own sword which will be delayed.

Thus, there is no such thing as a particularly powerful sword stroke. Even in large-scale military science, if you have a big contingent that wants to make a powerful fighting battle, the fact is that your enemy also has strong people and wants to fight hard. In this respect, both are in the same position. When it comes to getting the win in anything, is impossible to obtain without reason. The positions of the sword in the other schools is wrong to focus solely on the sword guard position. The position of the guard of the sword only when it is not adversaries. The reason for this is to set standards because of custom or general rules is not feasible in the course of a real battle for victory. The aim is to fight to put the adversary in a disadvantage. Whatever the reference point, the adoption of a guard position has the sense to make use of tenure. Save a castle or have a line of battle in a defensive position is the sense of being strong and not be affected even when attacked, this is the normal meaning. In the course of the struggle for victory through military science, the focus is on the opponent take the lead. This must be worked in depth. During the fight for victory thanks to military science, you defeat the defenses of undoing others, making moves that opponents do not wait, confused, angry or scared, and feeling the rhythm pattern when the opponents are mistaken for victory. Thus, there is a rejection of the defensiveness that is mindful of the guard positions. Therefore, in my science there is what is called having an unguarded guard position, which means that a has a defensive position without being defensive. e-mail


This study aims you evaluate the view that the nurse has the interpretation of the electrocardiogram. The present study this is an exploratory research, bibliographical qualitative approach. In developing the research was necessary you consult scientific papers published in nationally broadcast saw the Internet and in books that dealt with this to matter. Then you get you be the conclusion of the professional decision making an indispensable attribute facing possible cardiac abnormalities that may to endanger patients’ lives at risk. Keywords: Electrocardiogram; Interpretation; Nurse; INTRODUCTION the cardiovascular patologias represent, today, a great concern in the daily life of innumerable families. Being able to be cited some illnesses as, infarto acute of the myocardium (THEY WENT), unstable angina, amongst others, these represent one of the main causes of death in Brazil, resulting in great expenses in assistance the health, being that about 300.000 Brazilians they are victims of the cardiovascular illnesses to each year.

(KUBO, 2001) We have the knowledge and the technique of diverse ways of evaluation and disgnostic examinations that make possible the prevention of complications, decurrent of cardiovascular illnesses. The inquiry of the description of health of the followed patient of a well executed physical examination, many times, prevents certain intercorrncias that can happen with an individual are in a hospital environment or the proper domicile. Amongst the disgnostic methods precocious the eletrocardiograma meets (ECG), of practical and agile accomplishment for the detention of patologias or cardiovascular disfunes. This supplies necessary diagnosis evaluation of the rhythm riots, ischemic conduction, events among others cardiac problems.

Would You Bet Against Me For 10 Cents In A Game Of Golf ?

To explain how interest rates, and how they can make us earn money, use it as the game of golf analogy: say you're going to play and bet 10 cents on the first hole, doubling the bet on each hole, how much would be betting? Well, if you're familiar with the game of golf, you know you are 18 holes, so how much can be bet on 18 holes? Well, lets see how increasing the bet in the first 9 holes: As you can see, we are betting $ 25. 6, but this is not here, let's see how it goes in the following holes: As you can see, on the 18th hole alava bet up to an incredible $ 13. 107! that's the power of compound interest. Let me illustrate one point: halfway you will see that growth is small, but with a little patience your money really reach a critical point, which begins to grow exponentially. In fact, the hole 15 to hole 18 passes from $ 1,638 to $ 13,107, aen only 4 steps! Now I ask, What would happen if you removed in 10th hole? Had lost more than $ 13,000 in potential gain, if you play better golf than me is why we have money earning interest and wait until the magic of compound interest will allow us to earn money. You see, the vast majority of people start with, say $ 300 monthly savings, but as we saw in the beginning, we did not win much, so many lose patience and withdraw the money.