Internet Directories Classification

Primary structures of the Internet are directories. It is not surprising, because in the early development of the Internet to find the appropriate link to your site has only been possible in the directory. The value of this structures decreased with the advent of search engines such as "Yandex", "Rambler," "Google" and others – find information on the Internet has become automatic. But now we can not deny the benefit of the directories for the sites in the development of or having a low rating so far. Moreover – in a directory of articles it is possible to find even a link to the site, completely unknown.

Search for articles in the online catalog is simple: they are usually located on the headings, in accordance with the subject. Nevertheless, it is possible to find the same article attached to the various headings. These catalogs are available for any visitor to the network and their basic function – to inform, because kataloah collected an incredible amount of interesting and important articles, which include a link to the website source. The catalog is, of course, and that each user can, if desired, to catalog own article of any subject. The unit directory is thematically: that is, there is a directory devoted exclusively to a particular topic (eg, construction or engineering), and catalogs obschetematicheskie, which is information on every conceivable topic. Also, the article directories is possible to divide into three so-called "color" of the group.

"White" directories do not require registering a back reference. But if the webmaster who publishes your article, yet to make white catalog link, the page describing his site will get ranked higher in comparison with a standard reference. Thus, to link to catalog all the same profitable. Gray directories require a link back to the unfailing order, and place a link to before, to apply for their placement of the article. And finally, the directories are black – they set the link announced on site instead of only reciprocal links directory that you are using.

The Direction

Ahead of this brief note on the conditions of production and establishment of the modern knowledge, object of research becomes, fulcrado in the ontologia of the gift, to promote a critical analysis concerning the direction of formation (Bildung) modern, in order to extract one valid argument so that if it can understand the direction of formation of the cibercultura as a possibility of if exceeding the logic utilitarian-instrument of modernity for one of prxis pedagogical one in the daily pertaining to school that develops abilities and abilities in ‘ ‘ citizens aprendentes’ ‘ that they give to account of the dinamicidade and amplitude of the Technologies of Information and Communication (TICs) as apparatus for the maximum magnifying of the culture. However, of ownership of the questions what it is this gift of which we are immersed? Which is this my present time? Which is the direction of formation of this present time? , it will be able to be intended that in a time where the tonic is the speed of the transformations in the most different scopes of the social life, where the complexity is a basic characteristic and that ‘ ‘ changes in the technological processes provoke transformations in the economy, in the relations with knowing, the relations of being able, the relations between sujeitos’ ‘ (BONILLA apud CIBERCULTURA, 2009, P. 23), it does not remain seno to search to apprehend which the direction of formation of this society ‘ ‘ informacional’ ‘ that it has as main characteristic a structure in nets that one provides ‘ ‘ (…) social organization where the generation, the processing and the transmission of information become the basic sources of productivity and poder’ ‘. (BONILLA apud CIBERCULTURA, 2009, P. 23). For in such a way, what she intends yourself to argue are estimated of constitution of the cibercultura and its direction of formation human being while event, effectiveness and historicidade, in order to understand estimated of interaction of the Technologies of Information and the Communication (TICs) with the citizen and the consequent reconfiguration of the space and the time of the education contemporary, one object ‘ ‘ Didactics on-line’ ‘ that the educator understands as one ‘ ‘ citizen aprendente’ ‘ that the production of knowledge happens for being one product ‘ ‘ interaction comunicativa’ ‘ between educator and educating; between personal knowledge and social knowledge.

Freddie Mac

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