The Musicians

In the main hall, one way or another, will play a musical group that works there, and you will hear music. I will say unequivocally, that option I do not advise you, and explain why. Celebrating its solemn event in the hall you are not alone, and it is most important. Customers who are likely to be many, are unlikely to welcome your holiday. They came to eat, relax, talk, and now your master or toastmaster constantly utters some speech, congratulations, jokes, contests and sweepstakes. Do it all this is likely to be a loud voice, or a microphone, and other visitors that it will probably be disturbed.

They will be for you approach, make comments, say that your wedding is to get them and claim that the toaster would shut up. You are, instead, that would be glad and rejoice, will solve the problems. The administration should not expect, they will not do anything. Or give you “advice” to celebrate quietly. Unpleasant emotions you are guaranteed. Then come the musicians, and here, too, may start some difficulties.

Of course, the administration of the restaurant you solemnly promised that the musicians will play light dance music. And even if at first so be it, they are unlikely to be able to play just for you. Indeed, in the hall there are other people, and it is quite possible that they like is very different music. These people will approach the musicians and order that suits their tastes and desires. And they will order? Yes, anything! “Prison,” “Confessions of a Thief”, “Accord barbed wire”, “” – this is a possible list of indicative “Wedding” songs that will be played on your holiday, and maybe more than once. You need this? Well, I can not mention another possible aspect of such an option weddings. The presence of absolutely unfamiliar people on your holiday often fraught with unexpected consequences. From their friends and acquaintances who migrated to strong drinks, we usually know what to expect. Of strangers this will not tell. Development scenario can happen on the principle: ” Brawl ordered? “In common rooms are a good social events, birthdays and anniversaries. Only going to have to advance before the arrival of the musicians, so that would not have to make speeches, competing for volume with the sounding music. All that suggests the presence of lead, a scenario definite direction the music program to celebrate in a separate room.

The Repair

Prices of course vary greatly. If you want to buy coffee, do not forget that you do not buy the premise, namely coffee. Why, we focus our attention on this? Because of the market value of the premises in which it is located, it is necessary to add a) the cost of repairs, and b) the cost of promotion of business. These are not empty words. One ventilation, made by latest technology, even in a small cafe can cost 20-50 thousand dollars.

If the repair cost is more or less easy to calculate that the cost of promotion is more complicated. Read more: Buying a cafe in the rental premises This is the most complex transactions for understanding both sellers buyers and brokers. Too many people even in the 19th year of capitalist development in Ukraine can not simply understand how you can buy in a cafe rented premises. This is no joke. Indeed, calling, asking, “Do you sell coffee?”. Answer that, yes, we sell coffee in 30 thousands U.S.., Cafe area 100 sq.m. in Kiev! Rejoice to think that it goes on sale in room coffee and angry, and offended when three or four minutes trying to explain that this is a cafe in a rented room.

Experiential Currently

Experiential learning means a method of teaching the subjects to be studied, but not a eigentandige education. The trial of a definition could be: As experiential learning that a methodical, experiential approach is described, which is using an exciting settings in a most natural environment, the participants in most real tasks, issues and problems, their implementation and solution at the same time a positive change or to promote further development of their own social skills and / or group dynamics and / or personality development. Today, experiential learning is almost everywhere-in applying to the school with school trips and school classes in the social education, in leisure and holiday action, but also for individual measures and team training. What exactly is really experiential? Climbing walk alone it is not. To make a natural sport an experiential educational setting, there is no intention. So, for example, very flat and classically, the issue of trust and confidence to address in a group and encouraged. Besides a preparation made by a (n) expert (s) must act as a teacher educator and expert care, a qualified guide and a follow-up.

A Mini-Curriculum Guide: Incentive-experience-reflection-Transfer. The so-called transfer problem is in the experiential learning today Most discussed yet. It is about how one can have a positive impact a. experiential Masnahme on the real life, what kind of reflection will help if and when reflection is needed at all, and how an effect can be demonstrated scientifically. There are various approaches and models, whose discussion is beyond the scope secure. The most common misconception today is sure that experiential learning is synonymous with outdoor sports. It is far more than modern experiential outdoor blind activism. And much more able to afford.

Even with small, insignificant tasks and elements. Like natural functions in the classical solo also called experiential learning. It is quite simply a matter of time with himself for a time without distraction and with only the most necessary security and protective equipped to spend outside in nature. And who is critical here, may be wondering when he has because the last time it work without distraction, even without a walk and exercise time devoted himself. And where it starts to not only experiential. Here we are in the middle. Try it!

Scrubber Dryers

Scrubber – the best option for deep cleaning and cleaning of large areas (floors in shopping malls, sports halls, exhibition and concert halls, office buildings, industrial buildings, etc.) as well as for surface preparation for subsequent polishing. Scrubber great for cleaning carpet, ceramic, marble and stone surfaces, varnished parquet and linoleum-covered floor. As a rule, Cleaning is performed with the addition of solvent mud chemicals, are applied to the built-in replaceable brushes varying degrees of stiffness. For the brushes is a rubber scraper, from beneath which after mechanical treatment of sex is dirty water with detergents is collected in tank-recovery steam generator with a vacuum nozzle. Scrubber Dryers presented in "Clean City" meets the diverse needs: manual sweepers, vacuum sweepers with battery-powered or gasoline-powered, high-performance machines with manual control or the driver's seat for utility services, building cleaning and industrial applications.

Carpet cleaners in the majority have a pretty impressive weight, but despite this they are extremely maneuverable and efficient. In addition, they are fairly easy to operate and during harvest require the presence of only one person (the operator), which significantly increases productivity. In the commodity group 'Carpet cleaners' the following manufacturers: Karcher (Germany), Cleanfix (Switzerland), Windsor (USA), Numatic (England), Lavor pro (Italy), Portotecnica (Italy), Delvir (Italy). The advantage of floor cleaning machines: minimal effort, easy to use, small dust. Scrubber – it saves your sredstv.Esli you have large areas for cleaning, and you definitely do believe in the widespread belief that it is easier to hire more cleaners, and purchase floor-scrubbing machine, maybe it was not considered, then you need to know: Carpet cleaners save your money and time! Scrubber removes the average performance of 1 hour an area the size to 700 square meters. In this case you do not have to hire a large staff for cleaning the same area, but the car is completely worth the to be less than one year of work.

Gifts From The Carpathians And Dracula

How beautiful this world! Is there a place on earth where it had not found that to see and what to keep as a souvenir, a souvenir to bring my family? Especially when it's not just the traditional souvenir, but something memorable, exotic, reflecting the particular place of travel. It's no wonder the Japanese believe that every thing, natural or man-made, brings the energy information. Therefore, before buying a gift, better look around, take a closer look and opt for the unique things you will stay. So, we have Romania, known for its dense forests and unforgettable Carpathians. It is from this place want to begin your journey.

Not in vain, the mountains of Romania were the ancient name of Corona Montium. They are so gorgeous and majestic, that attract tourists and skiers from around the world. Do not worry if you can not skiing. You have the opportunity to learn not only the confidence to stand on them, but bravely repelled ski poles, are increasingly adding speed. You can learn to ride on the ski resorts of Poiana Brasov, or Busteni and Azuga, Sinaia, Predeal. And not to forget the "great moments" associated with the grandeur and majesty of the mountains, buy a gift my mother the most beautiful skies and the necessary equipment. Gift "push" for further Travel on the "hills and valleys." And in the winter time is useful and helps you to feel the natural features of Romania, even on hilly terrain. Who has not been in Paris, you can safely visit the Romanian capital Bucharest.


' In Brasilia, 19 horas' ' Me &#039 always inquietou the program; ' Voice of the Brasil' '. Not only for the information that are notified, but for the opening that Eugenio Bucci makes: ' ' In Brasilia, 19 horas' '. These its words have great meaning. One meaning that our society is losing: the landmark of the things. It is this same! When if it had this voice we know that something new will go to happen. Our necessary life to be pontuada. If it cannot live without a pause. The day to day running needs to be braked with the rests.

The necessary man to have leisure. He is not human to be the time all without a rest, without marking the time. The things need to have a landmark, a way and an end. It is just to make anniversary of 15 years, to commemorate anniversary, to make marriage party, to be married Dishonest with the others and I exactly obtain the person who of a possibility of somebody not to have a date of marriage. To live in this way or of others as much leaves the inflexible person ahead of some situations.

To mark the time is necessary. Either with what it will be? Optimum exactly it is to mark the time with good things. However, the voice of Brazil seems nothing to speak, pupils nos produces intelligence, in contrast, reproduces the intellectual cio of our representatives; the things seem nothing to move. The barulhos for the elections are well next. The difficult is not to find ' ' voz' ' to be able to represent those that want changes, landmarks historical. The Program ' ' Voice of the Brasil' ' all it is marked: it has duration of one hour, of which 25 minutes are used by the Executive, 5 minutes for Judiciary Power and 10 for Senator and 20 for the Chamber. In this way, to mark the time ' ' In Brasilia, 19 Horas' ' has a esquenta bias that the philosophical debate. To look at this subject without debating philosophical what it is marking the people would be, unconsciously, to restrict the problem that reaches citizens not one or two, plus a mass that not dispute its landmark, only functionally, wants to prevent all type of permanence. Therefore, as he is well-known, the permanent mark, creates history if perpetuating in the time. However, to work one week entire without if resting; to namorar and to live as if already were married; to pass years without taking off vacation; never set appointments nothing and etc Everything this has a bad side: it lives, but it does not obtain to mark the time: ' ' In Brasilia, 19 Horas' '? Joacir Soares d' Abbey, priest, philosopher author of 5 books

Saude Gestao

The quality has been regarded as a differentiating element in the care process of the expectations of clients and users of health services. All hospital institution, given its essential mission in favour of the human being, must concern itself with the improved standing of the quality of its management and assistance so that you get a harmonic integration of areas medical, technological, administrative, economic, health care and, where appropriate, in the areas of teaching and research. All that must have as ultimate reason adequate care to the patient. AC monograph research em and TCC the Ministry of health is based on the principle that all the increase in the efficiency and effectiveness in the processes of management and hospital care only has that sense is a patient care service better and more humanized. This improvement in the attention part respect and appreciation to the patient, the humanization of assistance and measures that visen attending to the growing demands and needs of the population, these goals which have been pursued with persistence.

The Ministry of health within its policy of incentive to the development of hospital care to the population and the increase in the quality of management and assistance, has developed great efforts in that area. AD early monograph of Saude Gestao for monographs has both implemented programs as the collaborating centres for the management quality and hospital care, what of humanization of assistance, what of managerial modernization of large establishments, thing of hospital accreditation and made significant investments in the refitted and reform of countless hospitals throughout the country. The collaborating centers program for the quality of management and hospital care was instituted in June 2000. That program, so pioneer, addresses important issues such as the transfer of knowledge, humanization of care, better use of the available material, human and financial resources, expanding, thus, supply and quality of services provided. Early monographs of Maude Ultra monograph is is, thus, important step for the confrontation of the managerial problems which go through participating hospitals of the its. The key point of this program is to find alternatives to issues as the increasing evolution of the relationship between the various institutions and the development of conditions that make, indeed, health services more effective, consistent and articulated, so that the exchange of experiences bring as a common denominator the specific search to meet and address the urgent needs of users, greater than all the efforts of the Ministry of health reason. The specific objective of the collaborating centres program is transfer or build knowledge and technology in all the linked hospitals, enabling them to control the available resources in a rational manner, to minimize administrative costs and production.

The consequent elimination of losses, with the use of efficient and effective organizational routines, generates recipe enough for humanization, hospitality and infrastructure investments become a constant, thus, creating a perfect identification with the clientele. In its form of implementation, the program develops a new proposal in the process of provision of advice and consultancy and dissemination of quality management and assistance hospital, different from the traditional process, normally, given by the hiring of specialized companies. The transfer or knowledge construction process ceases to be one-way, from the company to the hospital, to occur between hospital colleagues, members of the its, which, jointly and severally, they build knowledge and develop technologies through the exchange of experiences, technologies, methodologies of work and knowledge among themselves. The so-called hospitals of collaborating centres are those identified by the Ministry as holders of best management and assistance conditions. Hospitals Clients are selected among those who need help to improve their management and care processes.

The interaction between the two types is given in a two-way process. The benefits of the program are quite diversified, and are in addition to the products generated (managerial and healthcare improvement). The program raises the solidary and participative construction of a policy management for Brazilian hospitals, with common principles, but with regard to the regional peculiarities. Also creates opportunities for hospitals develop discussions centered on a theme of construction of future, that great Brazilian hospitals, holders of the most advanced management models, can, collectively, interact among themselves and even integrate that process an important set of institutions that collect qualification and improvement. Clearly the motivation of the technicians of the collaborating centres and hospitals clients with the development of the programmer, once the exchange of experiences, focuses allowing participants to visualize various ways to approach and solve problems, bringing everyone an aggregate of knowledge and experiences of inestimable value.

The Technology Of Planting Potatoes In The Farm

Adelaide begins to farm planting. Spring field work begins with the harrowing of the soil to retain moisture that has accumulated in autumn and winter. In the Kherson region under harrowing early potatoes not conduct, and immediately prepare the ground for planting. This is due to a sufficiently early time frame fit, as well as a decrease of mechanical load on the soil. Each successive soil pereuplotnyaet operation and destroys the structure that unacceptable for the potatoes. An important element is the technology of potato preplant tillage.

The purpose of pre-plant – to create a stable "melkokomkovuyu" soil structure with sufficient amount of time and good contacts with the lower water storage layers. The soil in the spring should be treated only to the required depth to reduce water loss, in the area, is a limiting factor. The farm uses complex machines with shaped teeth, spring harrows and rollers. Cultivation is carried out at a depth of 12-14 cm, it provides the necessary loose soil structure, prevents excessive moisture loss as compared to milling and get high performance. It is very important to ensure optimal density plantings. It depends on several factors, the seed crop is is 50-57 thousand. 1 hectare, while the commodity crop that ranges from 38 to 45 thousand.

1 hectare. Should take into account the fraction of planting material, tubers with small fraction (less than 35 mm) planted density of 40-45 thousand pcs. 1 ha, with an average (35-55 mm) fraction of 38 – 42 thousand. 1 ha, and large (55-75) – 33 – 38 thousand. 1 ha. Among the varieties of potatoes are planted on the farm are as follows: in the early group – Rivera, Ariel, Karatop, Erou; group average maturity – Molly, Courage, Roco, Romantsev, technical grade – Karlen, pyrrole, Bonus. Optimal timing of planting potatoes occur upon heating the soil up to 5-8 C at a depth of 10-12 cm in the Kherson region for early production run certain risks, planting potatoes in the early period, this period is 2-3 decade of March.

Fitness: A Pledge Of Strong Health

It is a pity, but many people believe that beauty, it was originally a beautiful makeup for every lady and certainly trendy hairstyle is definitely for men. In this version, absolutely not suggesting that reality is merely a component of this beauty is absolutely every person on the planet. Home beauty of any person likely will be his own health. Absolutely every person in the world, owning a healthy and also a strong body, definitely would be nice to tell the truth, and thus absolutely no difference what will definitely be a lady makeup, or what a male will hairstyle. Actually it would be possible to was fully proud irresistible body, it is important to adhere to related regulations and rules. Actually these are some rules related to explicit in a real way of everyday life of residents want the land. Them with full responsibility to assign a healthy diet, appropriate mode of work but other than that, and recreation, including the absence of bad habits, say cigarettes as well as hard liquor. Requires, in general, noted that immediately even full implementation of such rules and canons, of course not posodeystvuet formation of a strong and natural and beautiful body.

These are some rules have the opportunity to just this promote. And to get the sought after result, it will be necessary to carry out some physical techniques are very popular for the formation, growth, and also strengthen the muscles absolutely any inhabitant of the earth. In real life, like physical exercise has an incredible number. However, not everything they come for sure everyone who wants to modify his personal body. And it's proper that the issue of employment exercises should be approached as a whole.

This is the case the best example would be a visit of a sports club or the same center. Directly where, under the guidance of a special coach and produce certainly it is appropriate to a specific person a set of exercises. So now, this kind of occupation, and in general this fitness, won almost all the people. Actually it is fitness, make a real many people to create a real physical shape, and in addition to, and natural beauty. Complex exercise, which includes fitness, necessarily involves a person himself fully all popular exercises for a decent load on the human body. And besides that, you should say that the contraindications of fitness facilities, virtually invented, which is why really should be with absolute certainty say that fitness is clearly suitable in principle to anyone. In general, for those people on the planet who want to change your personal body, including in any form to be young, there is this rare opportunity. On such a case would only opt for a personal bodybuilding. Bodybuilding is not just purely exercise program actually is a style of everyday life. Understandably, without adequate skilled assistance engage in bodybuilding, still quite problematic, although in truth and very real. Weighty part of the required information regarding classes such sport, today easily pick up on the Internet, specialized Internet portals. In this version, you must also know that bodybuilding is not only a chance to transform their private body for the better, but also through competition and in addition, and performances to show their fruit, other people on the planet. Bodybuilding, remarkably suitable for both female and male.

Google Translate Now

The google translator has demonstrated that you can serve for more tasks than the translate texts online in a simple way, and thanks to Redditor harrichr now known publicly that can be used to create musical notes. This person has achieved rhythms similar to the beatbox (sounds, usually made with the mouth, they simulate drum machines), using a combination of letters and configuring the google translator as source language and target German and click on listen, as they explained this week from BBC. The German has proved to be the best language for the creation of rhythms since doing tests with other languages such as English and Spanish has not managed good results and the explanation is that the translator of Google in German quickly translates strings of sounds without vowels according to Robert Quigley of Geekosystem web page. The BBC also asks Steve Hellier (music producer) which explains that what makes this translator is used without vowel sounds to create a musical based on a battery, similar to the (already mentioned) beatboxing (something similar) occurred in the 1970s with the sample and the sampling, was an instrument designed to convert analog to digital music and where were meant to record real instruments, but ended up being used to record other things are not instruments that produce sound and thus create a new tradition. If you want to experiment a little trial Guide online that has uploaded so that you hit some characters in the google translator and experience as they sound for yourself. About the google translator: this service provided by google allows you to add websites widgets to translate them into other languages and thus allow the contents to be viewed by users of other languages in the world, also allows you to enable automatic translation of conversations of chat and emails in Gmail. With it you can add subtitles to youtube videos and your ves allowed that surf the web pages of other countries possible in your language because you can go sailing while he translates the pages web that visits to your native language. Something important to know of any translator text is that the syntax still is not 100% correct with no software market since interpretation of languages by a software is something very difficult to perform but for his investigation leading the companies market they make major investments to improve these aspects and that the translations are not inconsistent and lack of sense..