Partenit Bays And Promontories

Beaches southern coast, according to law, are considered the most picturesque in the Crimea. Bizarre cliffs, headlands, bays awaken the imagination. Partenit Bay deserve special attention. Here every stone is covered with legends. On the east side Partenit beach nestled Kuchuk Ayu or Bear, as it is affectionately called the Cape of local residents. This is a dome 15 meters in height, the same geological nature, and that the Ayu-Dag. It the scientists found traces of medieval castle-lighthouse.

Hewn on the site are erased centuries of stage. At the top of the cape is easy to climb up the winding trail. Wonderful panoramic views Parthenite can do, standing on the Bear. Inspect the bay Ayu-Dag more comfortable with the sea. First picturesque bay is a rocky headland at Akustani. On the pebbly beach with a length of about 250 meters of coarse boulders lie gabrodiabazov. Second – Panair bay.

Her name is associated with the name of religious holidays of the Crimean Greeks. It worked well surf obtachivaya torn from Ayu-Dag stone pieces to the spherical and elliptical shapes. The third bay – Gyshir-estuary. Among the usual pebbles here, here and there you can see pieces of black grubokristallicheskogo gabrodiabaza. It is found only in Bear Mountain. Monastic cape – the head of the legendary bear. Modern historians have attributed the Ayu-Dag and the Greek Kriumepotonom. Ancient geographers called the mountain so the southern coast, according to the descriptions are very similar to Ayu-Dag. According to legend, Frix, the son of a Greek king Afamasa escape the wrath of her stepmother, flew back to the golden ram Evsksinskomu Pontus (the so- Greeks called the Black Sea). Towards evening the weary fugitive fell asleep on the beach at the huge rocky promontory. Local residents have decided to capture the intruder. And if the sheep do not wake Frix, he would have not gotten to Colchis. In memory of this cape Lamb called the forehead.

Internet Library

While these areas quite deserted. Already collected by the collection consists of only half a million volumes. Some of them are unique pieces – the most valuable manuscripts of Arab VII-VIII centuries and facsimile copy of the atlas of the world of . Overall, however, no library will soon be able to show off his wealth. It will take more than 20 years in order to collect 4 to 8 million books – it is their number should make a library.

The Ptolemies problem solved updating of the collection unique. With each ship calling at the port have been seized all available board scrolls. Sometimes they are, however, returned, but only if they did not represent absolutely no interest. If you believe one of the legends, Ptolemy III paid the Athenian archive incredible sum of 15 talents as collateral for the original tragedies of Sophocles, Aeschylus, Euripides, and that was promised to copy and send it back. In Athens, these texts are no longer seen in goa india tour, tour rest of the cube, myldivy tour, goa holiday tour shelves today new library filled with more prosaic ways – primarily through public and private donations. But what would be an interesting collection nor was eventually formed today impossible to do that was 2,300 years ago – to gather under one roof, all the wisdom of the world. In the Internet age, the role of ancient Alexandria can not claim even the U.S. Library of Congress, with its 120 million books.