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When it is spoken of fitomasa, one lies down to think that this one is made up of trees still on of a forest, nevertheless, as we see next in a wooded area are possible to be identified 5 main reservorios of carbon: Aerial FA-Fitomasa: trunks, branches, small branches, leaves, underbrush? FS- Underground Fitomasa: Roots? H-Hojarasca or Mantillo? NM-Necromasa (Died organic Matter): Trees dead still on or fallen? Organic Under-Be accustomed to see explanatory image directly in blog When analyzing in more detail fitomasa is possible to establish more subdivisions to the mentioned ones previously, nevertheless, for the reach of the present article, the previous concepts are sufficient. How to calculate CO2 fixed by the vegetation the calculation of CO2 fixed by different the formation vegetal it is a complex process, since it is necessary to consider the climatic conditions of the zone (rain, relative humidity, evaporation, evapotranspiration, etc), the age of the forest at issue, the type of ground and its edficas characteristics, the altitude above sea level, etc. Nevertheless, to have a general concept of how it is determined, we will realise simple calculation that will allow to a first approach to the subject without many traumatisms nor sophisticated concepts us difficult to digest. Despite the previous thing, this calculation partly sacrifices the precision of the result obtained. But as I mentioned anteriomente, for the object of the present article it is sufficient. The formula to determine the amount of accumulated CO2 is: Source: ipcc Where; tCo2/rbol: amount of accumulated CO2? VCC Volume Timber with Crust: it is the volume with crust of the trunk of the tree without considering branches nor roots.

D-Densidad: Ton of Dry Matter tMS/m3 of the tree just cut? FEB-Factor of expansion of fiomasa: Aerial volume of fitomasa/? Factor R: underground relation between fitomasa aerial and fitomasa? Factor C: Factor of conversion of TMS to ton of Carbon (tC), valued in 0,5 tC/tMS? 44/12: Molecular proportion to happen of carbon (c) to carbon dioxide (CO2) For clculose will take like example white Roble (Quercus humboldtii) for being a species timber of Colombia. The values for the equation are: VCC=0,2 m3, D=0,57, FEB=1,52, R=0,22 Applying the equation has a white oak accumulates 387.56 CO2/tree. With this one value, we could consider that a forest of 5000 trees would accumulate 1.937.848 kg equivalent CO2 a 1,93 tCO2. In another entrance we will analyze other methodologies and we will compare different species to determine its capacity to fix carbon. This informain is the beginning to undertake projects under the approach of Mechanism of Clean Development MDL or CDM by its abbreviations in English. Against this subject, it can extend the information in the entrance bequeathed of the protocol of Kioto.

Mackenzie University

It, who already is in the consultoria has nine years, also worked in Banco Ita, Banco Real, Unibanco, Banco Bandeirantes Esteve Irmos SA, beyond having lecionado in the Mackenzie University and the Mau.Acertos Institute in 2005 – In first place, the beginning of a real concern of the pension funds with regard to the conflicts of interests, as resulted of the projects of internal controls and governana, materializing itself in two main aspects: the performance of the consultants of wallet performance, that must total be free of conflituosos interests and the preparation of the politics of investments, many of which had been written for managers, in an absolutely undesirable situation. Many entities are if moving to rewrite them total. Moreover, the increase of the search for ALM studies really occurred as result of if glimpsing the possibility of the real interests, in Brazil, to fall the levels not very superior to the one of the atuariais goals, mainly in the headings of long stated period. Finally, the intense search for training for the members of the statutory agencies of the entities was another reality and must continue in economic 2006.Projees for 2006 – What it must guide many pension funds in its investments in 2006 is the perspective of consistent fall in the real interests. As consequence, we will see a bigger search for more income-producing investments, as participation in projects, FIDCs and everything more than can provide more return with controlled risk. Since the decade of 1980, and until the real plan, much people, also banks, sedimented the belief of that the inflation never would fall, in the reasonable Brazil, levels, and would perpetual live a succession of heterodox economic plans that would only control the situation temporarily. What it really happened already we know, and many of that if they had refused to review its concepts today are not more in the market.

Jeff Speakman

It also has an extensive video library. Dojo: Spanish journal of great historical, philosophical and martial content, was founded in the Decade of the 70s. It is one of the most enjoyable pleasant reading and content entertaining, among its articles more common were those who treated about Bruce lee, but especially history of martial arts. In addition us was always aware of the films of this genre. Unfortunately leave publish in 2008 for economic reasons, a real Latin, was very good publication.

They used to meet almost the same teachers as the previous, but that if it was more thin. Martial arts: Revista MEXICANA directed by controversial journalist Juan Chia. He was for seven years the publication of martial arts more solid and disseminated on the subject, of very good quality and graphics that begged him nothing to previous magazines. Interviewed teachers from the likes of Frank Dux, Jeff Speakman, Skip Hankok, Robert Koga, Sam Kuoha and virtually all important teacher who came to Mexico. Unfortunately to my I got to see the decadence that became during its last year of existence; items that were once enjoyable and interesting became a sort of commercials and auto flattery to his collaborators. But despite that it was without a doubt, the best magazine that deals with the subject, a pity that I stop editing due to lack of interest.

Katana: Revista MEXICANA, although it does not reach the national dissemination as the previous one, is of high editorial quality and has an extensive video library and is an excellent means of dissemination events and tournaments. It has been very criticized by the Mexican martial community for political reasons between associations, but that does not diminish their valuable content. As I already mentioned, it is not always distributed throughout the country, a real shame. The budoka: Spanish magazine, although it is of the 90s does not reach the dissemination of its namesake, but focuses more on interviews and commercials. It is good quality editorial but also comes to the country several months later. Other journals exist such as the kung fu, fists of steel and martial arts uses but they are are more than anything broadcast of events and of lesser quality, unfortunately. Magazine were, and come but I think it is clear that needed media for the dissemination of these disciplines, since as we do not seek financial gain, sponsorship is not much, but that has not prevented a subculture of fans of martial arts to develop. I say goodbye and accept criticism and suggestions.

Homer Simpson

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