Keys To Presenting A Product

The appropriate presentation of the products or services you sell is a transcendental key to get to the closing of the sale. Fortunately, there are many new developments in the field of software and applications that allow us to bring a more finished idea of our product look like in real life, beyond our Web site. In this regard, noteworthy developments in html5, allowing the inclusion of multimedia material in a much more direct way, resulting in lighter pages and lower load times. However, until this new version of this language is fully implemented, there is much that can be done for a proper presentation and web promotion of our products. Good thing enters through the eyes. For that reason, the importance that we give to the product images is essential. Discard the idea of placing homemade pictures.

Professional photos will give an image of professionalism. In relation to this issue, it is necessary for both the designer and programmer of your site work elbow to elbow to achieve the best outcome with the least possible weight. I.e., should seek ways to maximize the visual impact by minimizing the use of resources (bandwidth, time of discharge). There are a lot of solutions that allow to prepare serial presentations of images or galleries, which will give an effective exposure to your catalog. For example, if your site is programmed with WordPress technology, there are many plugins that will enable you to present images effectively and shocking. Such is the case of Accordion FX, which allows to assemble a presentation in Flash, with a series of images supports variety of formats. Image Scroller is another solution for WordPress in which images are presented side by side, are maximized by placing the cursor over them, and is very, very neat and professional.

It also has a full control panel to configure the presentation of images by modifying many variables (direction of movement of images, tones, background). With regard to the material textual, much never is too, although clear, dosed in fair measure. In a first screen, it is necessary to find a complete description of the product (features, materials, available ringtones and other details that can help consumer make the right decision). More, it is also necessary to include additional information for anyone who is interested. If possible, lower product manuals where they exist – from the manufacturer’s website and put them on your site (obviously, respecting the rights of copyright). This will not only provide valuable additional information to the buyer, but it will be very good for search engine optimization of your pages, to include relevant and semantically related text.

Mexican Consulate

Mexico DENIGRATED since a few days on the European continent, a chain of fast food restaurants launched an advertising campaign promoting a new product, where presented a Mexican chaparro, with mask, wrestler and a shawl with the picture of our national flag, which caused the Mexican authorities through the Ambassador, to show their dissatisfaction, asking to withdraw advertisingalso ask for a public apology. Cases like this are repeated every day. The world may have a demeaning of us Mexicans and Mexico image itself is incredible. Is it possible that a worldwide known company such as Burger King advertises of Mexico in that way. The worst case is that we allow it. Although the Mexican Consulate has expressed their dissatisfaction, it is not the first time that happens and this kind of facts have never been punished. Just remember some events as July precious when I forget the national anthem or rather say that he sang with tune of the national anthem of United States and Why not was you sanctioned? Perhaps at the time, people booed him, but wasn’t there.

Another similar case is that of Jorge Muniz, who joins the long list of celebrities who forget the national anthem. And thus we can cite a myriad list of cases like these. It is very easy for the press and the public in general make fun of those who have committed this shameful act, but it is enough to ask ten people to see how many of them know the national anthem. Why is all this happening? Why don’t we respect laws or at least have a little respect for our country and patriotic symbols? Whether we like it or not this is what we are, Mexican and if the country is so is because of ourselves, both citizens and rulers, who are the first to lose respect for our country and wrong about everything ourselves as Mexicans to leave other countries to have a picture of us. But as always we will be the first to praise and defend other countries such as United States or Europe, already the Mexicans know always faithful. If we ourselves do not defend and respect our country, who be?