Married Life

What is a myth is that what happens in our lives has a great impact. But not necessarily true or feasible. Now we come in contact with the realities of married life that does not necessarily coincide with those stories that have conflict. Love is a condition that when we live in partner is forever. Love is a feeling that comes through dealing with other humans, we wanted because there is an identification, we like the way they think, dress, their values and actions. But a couple’s love life is complicated. We caught up with that great love that is forever is not nearly what I thought, idealized or thought it was. Wow! What a great disappointment, was not what I expected or longed believed. Living with someone in partnership is an experience that becomes richer when both members know and understand the relationship to be together by their own decision and undertaking joint projects is part of what gives the experience a sense of growth.

Of course for many people living with a partner better to tolerate the loneliness. But what is wanted is to live a relationship with a partner to still be only is better not to have, because surely come sooner rather than disappointment tardea Living in parejaa requires a commitment of both parties . Each member of the couple is required to be prepared to make sacrifices in pursuit of the relationship.

LGTB Get Equal

The six American military were chained to the fences of the White House afternoon of Tuesday with the purpose of to protest by the policy Don t Ask, Don t tell (you do not ask, you do not say). The participants, who were triggered of the fence were stopped to around the 13 hours, including the lieutenant Give to Choi (in the photo) and captain Jim Pietrangelo, that was arrested in a similar action the past month. Organization LGTB Get Equal published in her Web information about the battle conducted by the arrested military Our hopes grew when president Obama promised in the speech of State of the Union to finalize Don t Ask, Don t Tell (DADT), the policy that discriminates against gays and lesbians in the American military service. But their words do not mean anything without the action. And they have an opportunity to take action right now. The Project of Law of Authorization of Defensa (DAB), anticipates the financing of all the combat operations, and soon it is come to the renovation. president Obama knows that the DAB offers a form to countermand DADT immediately. And he knows that political happiness of fast and decisive form can be countermanded and is what must do for community LGBT and all the members of the service of the Armed Forces. Nevertheless, recent information suggest administration this trying to even delay any change to it in the law until December or until later.