For Franchico

Perhaps therefore to the times I saw surpreso with this taste for drinks and some friends, in certain way, fancy. I remember, also, that it had certain tare for a neighbor, which saw the naked silhouette for the glass of a window. She was a woman who did not have an arm, and seems that this fascinated very it. Ways and acasos of the life, certain time we pass the vacations in a health-resort. We invite the Franchico to be one days for there, as soon as the work allowed it.

Prestativo and always available to the social life, it was. Type of event that today I more would not participate, was time of carnival, intense heat, room without very comfort, bahian music, full beach At night, electric trio in the street. Until I tried to adapt itself, but I finished perceiving, not without certain frustration for the isolation, that one was not my style of life. For Franchico, however, all age party. Always with a beer by hand, using its sunga of black beach and colored t-shirt, was adaptava easily to this type of environment.

A sufficiently flexivo intellectual to the popular trejeitos. It was exactly this flexibility took that it if to approach to Matilde. It was friend of the namorada one of my brother and, by chance, she was that way in a carnival night. He finished joining it the group and if approaching to Franchico, given its interesting affection, colloquies and animation to drink and to dance. By the way, to drink and to dance age with same Matilde. Woman of city of the interior, also already had been married, had a son and its fame was not of the best ones, therefore already it had been with many faces since then. At least she was what one said, I never knew it the sufficient to question its nature (if he is that this is reason to question the nature of somebody).