Examples of use. HtaccessIndeksnye page: Can be situations when you need to change the composition of the index files, for example, if you want the index page is index.php, and in the main configuration file httpd.conf, it is not spelled out. This problem can be solved with the help file. Htaccess, which need to create a directive DirectoryIndex, which will list the names of the index page: DirectoryIndex index.php index.shtml index.html When you request the directory without a filename will first be implemented search page named index.php. If a page with this name is not in directory, similar operations will be done with the file index.shtml, etc. before the end of the list until it is found and opened the corresponding stranitsa.Zapret to display directory contents in the absence of an index faylChasto you do not want to show the list of files in a directory if not specified, or no index file.

For example, disable the display contents of a directory with pictures. If such a ban would not put, the user appeal directly to this directory will list all images. Options- response codes Web-server ApacheNi one site does not zatrahovan of errors. The most common mistake is to follow a link to non-existent page. In this case, Apache generates a response code 404, and displays the automatically generated page with the error message. The presence of non-existent pages makes a bad impression on visitors. This impression can be smoothed, if instead of the standard pages, to substitute its own page with an error message.