Childrens Learning

This is a proposal which is running since August of last year, through an agreement with the Universidad Surcolombiana and the Governor of Huila, who is the entity in charge of the departmental library. The kids room, is a room the departmental library opened two years ago to place it at the service of all the children in the municipality of Neiva, it is made up of 2,000 books, a TV, a dvd, and a team of sound, was attended by Miguel Dario Polania, Coordinator of the departmental library. Poland, also assured that: the room of a time here, in an agreement with the Surcolombiana, practitioners of the programme child pedagogy have been driving it. In this way, we think that it will reach them a greater number of children that can come to this room. For its part, Jenny Paola Pava, practitioner of the programme child pedagogy, informed the newspaper of Huila to: we are four practitioners in child pedagogy of the Usco, Francelina Jimenez, Leidy Johanna Sanchez, Maide Constanza Molina and I, who added that the group is has divided the work to develop it in two days, in the morning from eight to twelve o’clock noon and in the afternoon from two o’clock in the afternoon until six. The social practice that made these young people is performed day Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, the program that is being done in the library put you as name the pleasure of reading with the tio Council, where reading activities are underway in game mode, a mode of fun that is convenient for them, said Guan. It was how he said that the first guests to this program had been children who belong to the down’s Syndrome Foundation, who established with the directives of this institution who would attend every fifteen days to the program, because it helps them to develop skills and because they have near the Foundation, reiterated the young intern. Finally, Miguel Dario Polania said that the idea of the practice for this year was provide access to children in vulnerable sectors, in promotorias of readings in playfulness in the game, in training and why not, that the program be included within the educational system.