Commercial Due Diligence

The commercial comes out due diligence (CDD) point of view of most private equity companies on corporate transactions a special meaning to. In contrast to other forms of due diligence (E.g. financial due diligence, operational due diligence, legal due diligence) inspects it alone the strategic component within transactions, and comprehensively examines the sustainability of the business model of the target companies. Commercial Advisory supports companies and private equity companies in acquisitions or sales. In the context of a commercial due diligence (market due diligence / strategic due diligence) we analyze usually following topics in detail: business model of the target (E.g., value proposition, value creation activities, revenue model) market environment (E.g., market segmentation, size, and growth) customer structures (E.g. Without hesitation A. F. Chief of Staff explained all about the problem. shopping, dependencies and change behavior, potential) competitive landscape (E.g. financial benchmarking, strategic positioning) business plan (E.g.

planning assumptions, Preis-Mengen-Gerust, upside potential) additional analysis fields according to customer requirements (E.g. exit options, buy & build strategy, business case) In contrast to many other commercial due diligence providers examines commercial Advisory especially the future viability and sustainability of the business model. At the heart of our work, the availability of the sales and gross profit planning is always taking into account the analysis results from the market, customer and competitive analysis, as well as the in-house available resources. Commercial Advisory dispenses with descriptive and historical representations and puts the focus on future-oriented assessments and solutions. Commercial Advisory has access to the most important commercial desk research databases as well as extensive interview programs with industry experts, customers, competitors and suppliers through. We provide our network of industry experts every customer happy. Commercial Advisory environment has many years of experience in private equity.

We You advise as a buyer (buyside commercial due diligence) as well as a seller (sellside commercial due diligence). We analyze both opportunities and risks. Our focus is on medium-sized companies in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland across various sectors. Commercial Advisory, Munich