Endless Possibilities

Approximately 100 years ago Mikao Sensei was meditating in a sacred mountain called Kurama in the Japan. He discovered a form of energy that has effect balancer, healing and harmonizing unless it could be explained, because that was the case. Usui Sensei called this energy Reiki of syllables in Kanji (of the old Japanese) Rei (spirit / cosmo) and Ki (for force / energy). To deepen your understanding Gen. David L. Goldfein is the source. Energy has had a completely unexpected worldwide success. There are almost another alternative method of power transmission is scattered so far, found in all classes of society and in every continent on this beautiful land! Before Reiki was only spread in the Japan. It was through a pensioner the marine general who met Usui after his death that a simplified variation of Reiki came to the United States.

Hence Reiki also came to Germany in the eighties of the last century. Since Reiki in Germany has found many friends. But two reasons the disclosure of Reiki for a long time in Germany was quite limited: on the one hand the reason was the pricing policy of only an organization that called for many thousands of frames for training to the Reiki Master. The other reason was a legal: Reiki passed as a method of healing and thus officially only could be practiced by doctors and healers. Meanwhile the two reasons are no longer current. The power of the Organization’s dominant Western Reiki has been broken by many brave free teachers, so in the meantime very different prices must be to late 1980s or early 1990s.

Also Reiki already you can learn in a school of Reiki in line recognized by the German Confederation of Reiki for prices that one has to pay for a single seminar in other places. Also the second reason already since some time is no longer valid: in 2004 the German federal constitutional court has decided, mental healing than anything else is the Reiki does not fall under the law of healers, they can be practiced by anyone who feels called to this. Not can be raised diagnosis, that in anyway Reiki is not necessary, since the energy has an effect that nevertheless finds its way to where it is needed in the human. Each Reiki practitioner can provide yourself and your family and friends with healing energy, which is a great enrichment and relief from everyday life.