Italian Embassy

So, you’re going on vacation to Europe inviting. And instead of joyful expectation, almost every quiet start to tremble before departure. Well … do it right, because it is usually not known until the last moment, which will be Recreation – in a selected country or next door to the bench. It’s all about the visa: no one ever say that he definitely gets a visa, even if everything seems normal at first glance, then problems may arise. So personally, I once happened to file a visa at the Italian Embassy with all documents in good repair (it was a dream-vacation Sicily). I was given a visa. But what a! Not only is the number of days does not coincide with what I needed, so in addition, also the dates were completely different, even another month.

As the embassy looked my papers, for all remains a mystery … But let us return to our sheep, you need to do to get into an unfortunate situation: First, determine whether to trust the professionals, submitting all documents for a visa (often they can also advise and if your doubts), or do everything myself. Second, check the documents before submitting them to all accuracy of filling, including: dates, your contact details and names, and indicate that the phones, which usually acts as we all make mistakes, but at the embassy seems to have this know nothing so just said phone is incorrect (and sometimes even long disabled) – all in the visa may be denied. Third, sometimes to the embassy of the particular country is almost impossible to hit because of the incredibly long queue (all the time at the Italian Embassy). Do not despair, there is a workaround: just get a visa at any of the Schengen Union.

According to information received visa can travel freely in all countries included in this zone. The only caveat: if you need a visa for entry and exit from the same country, then it is easier. And if you intend to cross within Europe at least once any border (for example, fly to Spain and from there to Italy and from Italy, home), then will need to watch, whether you apply for a visa, it should be “multi” -t.e. cross the border any Schengen country can be reused. Otherwise, it may not be any the following country or stay in the first. Finally, Fourth, the recent and important – do not worry! Especially if you have to interview at the embassy. Remember that the embassy is also a people, and they have no purpose to deny a visa to all everywhere. But if they see in front of a nerve fidgety man, who is unable to name the capital of the country where you eat, you may suspect, and suddenly you’re not a tourist .