Paris – The Heart Of France

French wine – who even once in my life heard of them? In Paris, a paradise for lovers of fine wines. Paris – it's all the acknowledged center of fashion, in this regard, it is not surprising that it was here at every turn there are trendy clothing stores. Naturally, the prices vary greatly, but it is a great advantage, as thanks to everyone can find something appropriate to his pocket. In the historic city center are lots of streets and houses, who remember Napoleon and Joan of Arc, the French Revolution and the People's uprising, the French kings and cardinals, dueling Musketeers and executions that were carried out of the medieval Inquisition. In the new, modern quarters is a huge shopping malls, excellent hotels and famous boutiques. What time of year chosen for the trip to Paris? In order to fully enjoy your holiday best to go in spring or early fall.

Paris is beautiful always, Whenever you come in this regard, tourism season does not matter. Summer here is very hot, as indeed, anywhere, but thanks to fresh west wind, the heat can be easily transferred. In addition, if you plan travel in the summer, be aware that Paris in July and August are usually empty: in those months in France, it's time to leave. But do not worry, you will always find a warm welcome in this unique city, as all the bistros, hotels, and shops continue to operate normally and always waiting for you. Winter in Paris, rather damp, although snow is not so often, but, perhaps, walking will not bring full satisfaction.