The eDition of MK-Verlag has published a new vampire novel, which occurred under unusual circumstances. A young British historian, who inherits an old library, a dark-haired beauty, striking at something very unusual, a Scottish veteran who shows up uninvited with a sword and a pathologist who wants to solve the Enigma of death. These four destinies come together to an eerie, erotic and exciting adventure that leads the reader in distant times and disturbing worlds. Vampire literature is now so varied and popular that the vampire novel is considered a separate genre. But the latest publication of the eDition MK Publishing House has overseen the unusual sign and circumstances. So, the author Michael J. Hallowfield reported that originated the idea for the novel in a dream, he had a year ago. In the novel, not just the usual elements of humor, tension and eroticism, but also Hallowfields enthusiasm for the works of Zdzislaw Beksinski – flowed a Polish painter who left dark and surreal drawings and paintings.

Sample green infinity which so far the eye was enough, as it was only interrupted by the for this area so typical low stone walls, shared the green in more or less square area for ages custom edged the landscape on both sides of the A3079. Scattered trees on the road wore their autumnal dress already, but Kian Harding was still like a little kid over the green areas of the countryside in Cornwall, which had he long not seen again and missed so much, only now noticed him. He sighed and focused back on the road. Not many people understood the depth of the feelings that he felt and no matter how much he wanted to try someone these feelings explain so words would never be enough. His knowledge of the history of England made him feel the essence of the history that was soaked in the fields connected with an awe-inspiring ahead of time and all those people lived here and some bled and died for reasons that are remembered today almost nobody had.

And the Symphony of nature in its beauty of green fields, colorful leaves on old wood, in contrast to heaven from wild swirling clouds left a stamp in his soul, he would not forget. Kian left looked in the passenger seat to his sister Gillian Ashmore and noticed how she became silent as well as himself on their long journey from London to Cornwall. He knew that she felt similar to how he and satisfied his soul in the sense of this togetherness basked, as she cover themselves in a warm coat. She had noticed his gaze and smiled at him: “when we arrive in Marhamchurch. Links (Amazon, book trailer) Amazon-Kindleshop: F.