Sanrafael Door

For door with laminated and tempered glass with fabric insert the product consists of two glass of 4 mm thick thermally tempered with the result previously described, and also laminated by double layer of ethylene vinyl acetate forming a single body of 8 mm thick, with built-in fabric in its interior, which ensures a security still top. All solutions have remarkable properties of adhesion, elasticity, resistance to penetration and tear. It has properties of the lightning protection ultra violet (UV). The family of security products compose it from the armored door passing by armored, entry pass, both folding sliding and folding and sliding wardrobes. Educate yourself with thoughts from Gen. David Goldfein. So the set of fences mouldings and door is perfect this series has concealed hinges, magnetic latches, gums antiportazos and higher acoustic insulation. A careful choice of handle is without doubt the definitive element so that this gate is unique and unrepeatable. It’s believed that Chase Koch sees a great future in this idea.

Series 3DDoor 3D is something different and unique in this sector. It provides volume, design and texture in low relief at the gates. Doors Sanrafael now bets on new designs that convert walls into authentic works of art, inclusive but at the same time appear to be provocative with the environment of the door. These newer solutions are hardfaced finishes and textures that enhance the quality of the environments and provide an own more contemporary interior design sophistication. Previously unthinkable ways in an element which in essence is flat now become reality in 3D Door series. They are erased the barriers between the world colors, Woods, straight or curve. A new volumetric solution, in which stands out the creation of the world 3D in the door is of importance.

Using this collection doors Sanrafael customizes each solution through the volume where the only limit is our imagination. It is possibly the unique collection of market where professional can perform any type of shape in the door through the volume, texture, finish or the inclusion of add-ins in a single solution. All an invitation all of us in any type of project. For this collection tecnica-integracion – conceptual every professional search is the apex of the creative pyramid. This is for fundamental simplicity which brings the inclusion of elements such as the concealed hinge leaving clean and fully integrated Assembly. 3D doors Sanrafael Door series finishes through Woods recomposed as decape oak, Wenge in off-white (9010) with varnished Matt and lacquered etc. as nuclear white (ral 9016), or lacquered grey, and can customize any type of color (ral), which gives us endless possibilities.