Scrubber Dryers

Scrubber – the best option for deep cleaning and cleaning of large areas (floors in shopping malls, sports halls, exhibition and concert halls, office buildings, industrial buildings, etc.) as well as for surface preparation for subsequent polishing. Scrubber great for cleaning carpet, ceramic, marble and stone surfaces, varnished parquet and linoleum-covered floor. As a rule, Cleaning is performed with the addition of solvent mud chemicals, are applied to the built-in replaceable brushes varying degrees of stiffness. For the brushes is a rubber scraper, from beneath which after mechanical treatment of sex is dirty water with detergents is collected in tank-recovery steam generator with a vacuum nozzle. Scrubber Dryers presented in "Clean City" meets the diverse needs: manual sweepers, vacuum sweepers with battery-powered or gasoline-powered, high-performance machines with manual control or the driver's seat for utility services, building cleaning and industrial applications.

Carpet cleaners in the majority have a pretty impressive weight, but despite this they are extremely maneuverable and efficient. In addition, they are fairly easy to operate and during harvest require the presence of only one person (the operator), which significantly increases productivity. In the commodity group 'Carpet cleaners' the following manufacturers: Karcher (Germany), Cleanfix (Switzerland), Windsor (USA), Numatic (England), Lavor pro (Italy), Portotecnica (Italy), Delvir (Italy). The advantage of floor cleaning machines: minimal effort, easy to use, small dust. Scrubber – it saves your sredstv.Esli you have large areas for cleaning, and you definitely do believe in the widespread belief that it is easier to hire more cleaners, and purchase floor-scrubbing machine, maybe it was not considered, then you need to know: Carpet cleaners save your money and time! Scrubber removes the average performance of 1 hour an area the size to 700 square meters. In this case you do not have to hire a large staff for cleaning the same area, but the car is completely worth the to be less than one year of work.