Southern Federal District

With the worsening environmental situation raises the problem of obtaining clean water. Ltd. "Pure Stock" helps to cope with this difficult task. The organization is engaged in delivery of special equipment to help which is waste water – a process in which water is removed from the excess of matter and organisms, as well as produced water disinfection. Currently involved technologies help cope with the treatment of domestic and natural waste water from petroleum products and various impurities, removal of iron from the water.

Statistics show that today many companies are using outdated and inefficient water purification equipment, which is associated with certain risks. Installation of modern equipment will secure water for use in various industries. Ltd. "Pure Stock" offers full support the equipment offered, in particular, design, installation and servicing. The company's equipment is accredited by many companies of the CIS, including "Gazprom", "Belorusneft" Waterworks, "Beltransgaz" "ASE". Order equipment can be via a special online form. Krasnodar Enterprise 'Net Stock', which is the official representative of the Czech-Belarusian company 'FORTEX-Water Technologies' on Russia's Southern Federal District, offering selection, supply, installation and subsequent maintenance of the equipment for cleaning of natural water for drinking purposes and the local wastewater treatment plants. A variety of modifications of the treatment plant is very widely and depends on the specific needs of the customer, from fairly primitive vertical and horizontal chemical-resistant containers for storing water for fire or diesel fuel and household septic tanks to complex water treatment plants.

The company manufactures integrated sewage pumping stations that provide supply sewage treatment facilities, if the terrain does not allow take these water by gravity. They are made according to customer's specifications, they are set for 1 day. If necessary inputs and outputs are made on the spot that allows builders to avoid errors during installation. The most popular and in demand, waste water treatment equipment of free and emulsified oil products, detergents, suspended solids, solids produced as a result of car washes, – COCB 'ABto', fully compatible with washing facilities, used throughout the world. As relevant today, such as oil separators SOR.II, cleaning waste water from parking lots and gas stations territories. They are issued for water consumption from 0.5 to 100 l / sec. Zhiroulavlivatel-no less important for water purification. It is used for collecting and removing emulsified fats and vegetable oils, contained in wastewater cafes, canteens and restaurants, meat processing plants, companies that pollute the water with fat. If after cleaning there is no place to lose water, 'Net Stock' offers infiltration system in the form of savings blocks of various sizes, which are produced under individalnye customer needs. For the purification of drinking water in an industrial environment 'Net Stock' offers a compact, hydro, reagent-free installation designed for iron removal of water from underground sources to a concentration of 0.3 mg / l according to the requirements of GOST 2874-82 "Drinking Water". This is not an exhaustive list of proposals of 'net flow'. All products company the highest technical level. The principle of the company's individual approach to each customer. "Net-net stok' ecology. We will solve your problems.