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The new music request radio for the Office. Now online. Radio here playing my music under the motto”start power play now with a music request program. While the opportunity around the clock the listeners, to order their favorite songs via mouse click. Our employees strive to meet the needs within a short time”, radio says power play Chief Rudi Kaller. Depending on the number of requests and process fixed points, we meet the music requirements within a few minutes. In addition to a choice of songs also a greeting will have opportunity the listener. The greeting as the best friend power play will then appear on the home page of radio while the requested song is played.

The path to the desired title is quite simple. “” On the site easy menu music request “click, search for the desired track, and want on the button” click. dge base. A title not yet in the database of radio power play is included, so this can be ordered with via E-Mail. The Request service is of course completely free of charge. In addition to the desired service radio offers songs for downloading power play. Individual titles are available starting at 50 cents. This service is offered in cooperation between of several partners. The ten most popular requested songs are also summarized in a weekly chart show. To listen there’s the top 10 every Tuesday from 9: 00 with Thomas Bacon every time live hosted the broadcasts from the Spanish island of Menorca. Note: Radio power play Rudolf Kaller E-Mail: phone: + 43 720 736486

Kim Wilde – Come Out And Play

The characteristic of pop music is especially the acoustic equivalent of current art forms. The characteristic of pop music is especially the acoustic equivalent of current art forms. Best implemented with brilliant, minimalist Short stories, the aura of a modern life style representing, and packaged in an orchestral sound bed. The art of pop music is everyday, free of the academic dogma, to feel. Simply put: outstanding musical grooves carry original lyrics of today. This identification with reality and original sounds succeeded during the heyday of pop music so few artists such as KIM WILDE. Already their first single “Kids in America” became a world hit.

in 1981, just 20 years old, she had become overnight the world star. There followed ten albums and 30 singles until today, followed by grandiose success and over 20 million sales. Hits like “Chequered Love”, “you keep me hanging on” – No. 1 in the United States “Water On Glass”, “Cambodia” – more than a million in France alone sold-, the UK top tens “Another Step (Closer To You)”, “Never Trust A Stranger”, “four letter word”, or “view from A bridge” strengthened the reputation of KIM Wilde as Princess of pop. in 1988 the King of pop Michael Jackson invited her to go on tour with him.

For five months she was support Star Jackson and appeared live before more than two million people at the concert. It and the subsequent tour with David Bowie, she recalls: “it was my musical heroes. I still remember the tour with Michael Jackson – we were in this amazing Circus on the road. It was a crazy experience. And I think it would have been most like Michael, this circus would have gone so keep. It was wonderful to see him so close fantastic these moments of perfection. And it was incredible, a while even to be associated. ” KIM WILDE received almost every possible musical Awards, including the Brit Award for ‘Best British Female Singer’ in the course of her career.

June Cabin

“Free for TV movie reader: cabin fever on the Director Eli Roth delivers with his teen horror film cabin fever” a superb spectacle with everything must have a genuine US-shocker. This perfectly fits the film offer from Horrorfilme.de cabin fever and is TV movie readers exclusively to the free download available. Cabin fever begins the story of the story with a trip of five college graduates who want to celebrate just graduated. You rent a cabin in the woods together and prepare for their party. But, as befits a good Horrofilm, everything is very different: because a strange virus drives around there, the human and animal makes unpredictable monsters.

Soon the events move and a wild hunt begins with incredible scenery and lots of twists and shock effects. Responsible for the horror film fun, the cult US Director Eli Roth is the makers of cabin fever. Cabin fever is his successful debut in the horror film genre, many horror film colleagues and fans the cult film made. Until June 20, which runs free TV movie action to 2001 Maniacs by Rob Zombie. Attentive cabin fever fans here, for example, a note on her favorite movie. Quickly, attention was also cinema legend Quentin Tarantino on Eli Roth and assisted him in the production of the horror movies hostel and Hostel II. “In the CSI episode grave danger” was directed by Quentin Tarantino 2005 and tucked a note on cabin fever again.

Common film projects combine Roth and Tarantino, so Roth participated as a producer and actor in the Tarantino-Rodriguez Twinpack death proof and Grindhouse. Grindhouse is from July 2008 in the German cinemas. The continuation of the horror spectacle cabin fever is planned for this year. Spring fever”means it this time, and until this arrives in theaters, can all TV movie Reader free watch the 1st part of cabin fever and free download at Horrorfilme.de. The horror movie action by TV movie & horrorfilme.de with the free movie download cabin fever with horrorfilme.de drives the pulse of their readers in proper TV movie Height. 93 minutes filled with adrenaline and pressure make for exciting entertainment and the completely free of charge! Simply enter the coupon code for free download on tvmovie.horrofilme.de, make age check and free download cabin fever. The TV movie voucher code to the free movie download by cabin fever by Horrorfilme.de applies until July 4th. More exciting Horrofilme from zwolf different genres can be found for convenient download on. Contact: Inter content KG Harburger Schlosstr 28 / CH4 D-21079 Hamburg Tel.: 01805 558345 (user support) email: description: horrorfilme.de online video with splatter, zombie and action movies to the watch instantly! The new Internet portal horrorfilme.de dedicated to horror and action movies. On this so-called video on demand platform horror fans can see immediately all featured movies, streamed or for download. The movies are sorted by genre, see which also cult classics, comedies and thrillers as well as some nice features, such as “Michael Bay BBs Texas Chainsaw Massacre”. So far over 130 different titles available and the offer is constantly growing! The creators of horrorfilme.de have set themselves the goal to illuminate the depth of the horror genre with uncut versions and versions of the original sound.

Upload Sky

With one click in over 250 download portals with the tagline – load up your music – the operators of presented her latest project feiyr.com. feiyr.com stands for the realization of a request of many independent musicians, producers and DJs: no label or recording contract, quickly and easily the own title in the Internet to publish and to offer all interested parties to download. How does feiyr.com work? After free registration is 10-minute title upload as well as the subsequent presentation in the world’s largest download stores like iTunes, Musicload and Napster MP3. Thanks to the network of over 250 download synergies portals, which were usually only with a large financial risk be realized. In addition to the actual music upload, the developer of have created other important features for the user. So title sales are credited to daily an online account and download statistics and reports provide transparency How many times, E.g. a title was called, belongs to, and ultimately bought. For artists without a record contract, it is often difficult and expensive to publish their songs.

Feiyr.com creates the opportunity to present his title for example on within a very short time professionally and ready for sale to the food requiring download for anyone interested. Thanks to this development are neither contractual nor financial risks for the user, as Armin Wirth, Managing Director of DANCE ALL DAY musicvertriebs GmbH. Feiyr.com is the dance all day Vertriebs GmbH for the consistent further development of your marketing strategies in the global sales of phonograms. The dance all day musicvertriebs, Ltd., with headquarters in Traunstein, Germany, was founded in 1993. We have offices in Vienna, Budapest, Moscow and Prague. Our company is a leading systems service provider in the field of vinyl and digital distribution. The range includes now about 720,000 items of more than 400 manufacturers and publishers. With our team of 45 employees are we grown to one of the largest music distributors and distributors in the field of vinyl and digital (mp3) worldwide.