Permanent Preservation

the environment asks for aid. Also, we cannot more be in the game of who is responsible for the effect the greenhouse, the man of the field, food producer, or the man of the city, industrializador! Measures must be taken to minimize or to attenuate the occurred facts, the reality of the destruction of the forests and the necessity of the substitution of our energy source. In July of the last year the decree in the 6,514 was published regulating, or better, imposing stated periods to the ruralistas for the entry of the Legal Reserve and the Area of Permanent Preservation, stipulating date it has limited. However, the ruralista group of benches obtained to skirt e, the government launched a new decree in the 6,686, giving a stated period up to 11 of December of this year for the accomplishment of the entry. Ahead of the displayed one, it is the exclamao – the entry in so little time, the agriculturist Is incabvel> the requirements of the decree do not have mirabolantes profits nor huge prescriptions to carry through all and, the government has much less not measured that they contemplate that agriculturist who will destine its area for the ambient preservation, placing its proper resources for plantation of trees and destining a part of its property the RL and construction of you surround around of the APPs. The ruralista would have to be remunerated by being diminishing the ambient liabilities. Still, the RL could inside be enclosed of the APP, therefore the producer does not go to only abstain from 20% of its lands and yes, of a bigger area. To minimize the ambient impacts and the indices of the global heating, the destination of agricultural areas is valid for the preservation, inside of the conditions of each ruralista, but it is not the sufficient.

Our main energy source is still the oil, known that this is the main villain of the heating. In 1975, with PROLCOOL, it was glimpsed great possibility of a renewable fuel, less aggravation that the black gold, but was etanol, renewable energy. Second study of the Embrapa Agrobiologia, etanol, compared with the gasoline in the burning for the engines, it emits 73% to less of Co2, data that prove the deriving benefits of the production of this biocombustvel and, analyzing the rocking of the carbon sequestration for the sugar cane-of-sugar, study carried through for the Embrapa Monitoramento for Satellite, it stores 120 tons for hectare and disponibiliza 220 tons of O2 throughout the year for hectare. The benefits are formidable that the culture of the sugar cane propitiates in them, nothing comparative to the extration of oil. We must preserve our properties, destining areas of permanent green, but we cannot forget that it is in the agricultural area that is produced the bread of each day! It must be had very well-taken care of with this and> government must give to greater endorsement to the ruralista, therefore this, in little time, will be the producer of water, liquid that will generate many intrigues in the future. Then, in this century we must establish which are the priorities for our future, not more than our children, therefore already we are living the harvest imposed for our ancestor.


To know if this relation is beneficial or is still more harmful to pluralism. Until point can exist or it transacional relation between culture and capitalism and thus the Amaznia not to be able to be seen of a form in which, perhaps, never it are seen, a possible more distant vision of the Golden El, vision that lasts on it has some centuries since the exit for first navigator route to the unknown Sea of the Ocidente. To raise questionings on this aspect beyond reviver the process of Brazilian settling, with the strong European oppression in the attempt of aculturao of the indians to become them allies of the metropolis with the calls missions, is also to perceive now that great part of it I still begin colonizador is remained, not more for Europeans, but yes for also living Brazilians and of the proper Amaznia. THE AMAZNIA AND THE CAPITALISM: A COMPLEX APARTMENT the Amaznia if presents today as a great source of natural and cultural wealth of the world, aspects that had always met in same, but only one extremely was valued during the centuries, of marketing economic character, that always prioritized the exploration of the Amaznia the lucrative ends, deforesting, extracting and burning, disrespecting of cruel and humilhante form there existing the cultural manifestations that depend directly on the natural way where they live. For better understanding of what it is if to say becomes necessary an embarkment in caravelas of the Europeans, travelling in the history of the arrival of the man ' ' white civilizado' ' in the Amaznia, that in search of new sources of wealth, still existing in the Europe, but little for the imperialistas ideals, would not allow that nothing a multitude of equalized natives opposed itself much less in its way ' ' animals selvagens' ' The known historical period as Average Age, period that precedes the routes of ' ' discovery of the Amrica' ' , with its feudal regimen it starts to present its first steps of decay parallel the limitations of considered products indispensable dominant social classroom, this fact made with that the commercial relations if expanded beyond the feudals, until then, self-sufficient. .