Sustainable Development

The Resex is of public domain, with use granted to the traditional extrativistas populations, being that the enclosed particular areas in its limits must be dispossessed. The commercial exploration of lumber resources will only be admitted in sustainable and special situations, complementary bases to the too much activities developed in the unit. Reserves of Fauna? REF- Are natural areas with fauna of native, terrestrial or aquatic, resident or migratory species. They are adjusted for technician-scientific studies on the sustainable economic handling of these animals. They are of public ownership and domain, being that the enclosed particular areas in its limits must be dispossessed. The public visitation is allowed, since that compatible with the handling of the unit and in accordance with the norms established for the agency responsible for its administration. Reserves of Sustainable Development RDS- Are natural areas that shelter traditional populations, whose existence is based on sustainable systems of exploration of the natural resources, developed throughout generations.

These traditional techniques of handling are adapted to the local ecological conditions and play a basic role in the protection of the nature and the maintenance of the biological diversity. The RDS has as objective basic to preserve the nature and, at the same time, to assure the necessary conditions and ways for the reproduction and the improvement them ways and of the quality of life them traditional populations. It consists as area of public domain, being that the enclosed particular properties in its limits must be, when necessary, dispossessed. Particular reserves of Natural Patrimony RPPN- Are private areas with the objective to conserve the biological diversity. The term of commitment between proprietor and the government will be signed before the ambient agency, that will verify the existence of public interest. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Rick Garcia, Los Angeles CA. In the RPPN alone he will be allowed to the scientific research and the visitation with tourist, recreativos and educational objectives.