Service Asset Projects

In this context, importance of measures is verified it that become less traumatic the transistion of the life in the active for Remunerated Reserve it guarantees a healthful life. One becomes necessary programs of preparation for the inactivity, the military man can have a space to reflect on the possibilities of its future life, to search greater self-knowledge to identify to its interests and aspirations better. These programs integrate an educative process, contributing to reduce the negative effect already mentioned that they are created around the figure of the military man in the Reserve. Educate yourself with thoughts from Selim  Bassoul. Component factors of a healthful life are distinguished, to be also searched in the Reserve, considering its continuous importance: social integration; discovery of satisfaction sources, leisure, espiritualidade, cultural production, communitarian enrollment; balance of the familiar budget; physical, mental well-being and spiritual; prevention of illnesses and existence of projects of life in all the phases of the human development. Some professionals of Social Service, Psychology and Right of the Nucleus of Service of Assistance Integrated to the Staff of Marinha (N-SAIPM), carry through action of support so that civil military and servers obtain to deal with the changes related to the end of the professional activity and with its social and familiar reinsero. These guided actions as it detaches Rey et al. (1996), it creates a space for reflection and attainment of information that of the chance to the military man to construct its proper project of life.

This effectiveness is a consequence, considering, as it points Almeida (1978: 24), that the transformations do not come of the ways or programs, but subject it in a relation dialectic. One sends regards that the military administration makes reflections concerning the way as its military transfer to the inactivity, military young, with sufficient physical disposal, insufficient recycling to correspond the requirements of the market of highly competitive work. Conclusion the intention of this work is to demonstrate to the necessity of magnifying and continuity of the existing projects as well as the creation of new projects aiming at to still enable the military, in the active, so that when being transferred to the reserve, they are felt capable to be used in other sectors of the society, thus preventing, innumerable upheavals caused for the idleness that the retirement them reserve, being evident the necessity to insert the familiar one as important factor for achievement of the considered objectives. When carrying through this work, the researcher longed for to make with that the military organizations that take care of of the transference for the reserve and those that they take care of of the social assistance of inactive and the pensioners, searches to improve some social projects who already exist, with focus in the social and familiar category, repaying this veteran who dedicated to 30 years of its life in the active, making possible qualifications in continuous way, providing and opportunity these the probability of continuing working in other sectors of the society, leaving the Service Asset of the Navy.

Homage to Parents

‘ ‘ Welinton Dos Santos When we speak of an ideal, we do not perceive that the gratitude to the parents is essential our prosperity. This week where if it commemorates the day of the Parents would like to say some words for reflection, joy and love. All human being to have success, needs to have pride of its roots. Exactly incompreendido for many the parents they want optimum for the children, to the times exaggerate, although everything they simply love in them, for more rustic and distant who seem, this is the truth. Fight, quarrels happen in the relationship of the generations, probably between you and its father, as it with the father of it, in the conflict of new times, as a noise of the communication, but a thing is very important to emphasize, most of the time, was exclusively in the intention of your defense. I know people who argue with its parents and are until years without talking.

I ask: what you earned with this? Father is the genitor, is the root of our existence, after all if we are here we must thank it, without remorsos or you blame, therefore to find culprits for disagreements, lacks of responsibilities you are welcome will help in the life. Exactly that they are not more gifts in our life, we must pray and thank them, so that the parrots of the success beat our door. Already I even heard some histories that had brought hurts, with some reason, but the moment is another one. You who are having the chance to read this article, remember that the education, the values, the teachings, the chances had been different for each one, therefore instead of judging, create positive a mental attitude and assist you and all its family. All the family? Yes! When we harmonize and we feel gratitude our parents, a world of accomplishments happens in our life.

Choosing a Funnel for Expressed Milk

Based on what choice funnel for pumping molokaparametry give a correct choice criteria according to which my mother could understand if the correct size of the crater, it uses: the center of the nipple is located in a tunnel funnel. Turn on the pump and explore: free if your nipple is moved in a tunnel funnel? Sucked into a tunnel funnel only the nipple or areola minimum area? Do you see a soft, rhythmic movement of the chest with each cycle of the suction pump for? Do you see after that draining of the breast? Do you feel no pain in the nipples? When you are on any of the above questions answered "no", it would be correct pick up a funnel more or less funnel razmera.Esli discrepancy mentioned criteria chosen incorrectly free funnel slow down the process the milk. In the future this may lead to a reduction in its quantity. The narrow funnel which may affect the emptying of the breast and cause problems with lactation. For example, besides the natural soreness in the nipples, which appears to result is the number of times times the use of breast pump, the friction around the nipple and / or areola may cause injury to himself almost unable to pump cause. If you express milk to be derived from the chest by reflex release Breast milk isozdavaemogo vacuum.

However, too tight funnel will squeeze small milk ducts in the nipple, that even with a strong milk ejection reflex and the best breast Often, these ducts get bigger when you feel the reflex output of milk, so milk is able to flow from the mammary glands can easily and quickly. But, if the ducts are compressed into a tight funnel remains in the breast milk. As a result, incomplete emptying of the mammary glands in a position to cause lactostasis, problems with low milk and mastitis. You'll find stagnation in the chest or nodules, which seem full of milk. If you have at least one of the above symptoms, be sure to solve this problem more quickly after the birth of your baby.