Hail Child

He must, like my mother, be very gentle and tender with a little man in the first years of life, helping to open up this delicate flowers – his creation, his capacity to teach him to make the right choices in different situations. He must not only take care of child financially (so was dressed, shod, fed), but also bring highly spiritual person (for this aspect of parenting responsibility is the father). Love for the mother – is a great and holy feeling with which it all begins best in a person, including youth and love to the girl. Much depends on the father. It should not devalue the lives of mothers, to narrow the range of her interests.

The father must be a spiritual mentor your child and take one of the inexhaustible creativity areas – leadership of the family. The father must be a model of kindness, care and gratitude for their children, and not just for them. An ancient legend is relevant even today: the old son grabbed his father and dragged him into the woods to be devoured by wild beasts. Little grandson ran behind. The father asked his son why he had come with them? "To find a way, that I too will soon have to drag you " – said little son. Kids notice a lot, sometimes even more than we would like. For example, you are very tired or busy. The phone rings, and you ask my daughter or his little son to say that you are not home, thus, having taught first, and maybe not the last lesson in deception.

The father should be an example for all his actions, but should not force your child to follow his footsteps. The child himself will make his choice later on, if the pope raised his right at first. Once upon a time there was a such a book – "Home Wiki". In her smart people to gather the necessary and important ideas about parenting. There are nine commandments for parents: 1. Do not expect that your child will like you. Or – as you want. Help him to become not you, and themselves. 2. Do not ask the child pay for all that you have to do it: you have given him life as he can repay you? He will give life to another, the one – the third: an irreversible law of gratitude. 3. Not vented to the child their grievances to old age is not a bitter bread, for what you sow, so shall ascend. 4. Do not take it down problems: severity of life given to each of the forces, and be sure it is hard to not less than you – yours. And maybe more. Because he has no habits. 5. Do not disgrace. 6. Do not torture yourself if you can not something be done to their child, suffer, if you can not do. 7. Remember – the child did not do enough, if not done everything. 8. Know how to like other people's children. Never do someone else that would not want others to do it your way. 9. Love your child the way he is: not particularly talented, unlucky, adults; Hail to communicate with him because the child – is a festival that while with you. I want to add back another commandment: Be gentle with your child of any age every day life, as in the Hereafter that is not filled.

The Luster

And now – Nickel wedding! Celebrate it – then save the luster relationship. And wondering why the "nickel"? (Who knows – do not talk! "Shh!) I'll tell you. Long, long ago, at the beginning of the xix century, nickel is considered a precious metal and valued along with silver and gold. Metal-to-resistance compared with the love of spouses who have lived together for a long time, the unity that could not destroy any odds. Therefore, for a 12-year marriage was supposed to be young at his home household items of materials containing nickel in its composition. For example, pots made of stainless nickel steel, cutlery made of alloys of nickel and silver, a set of beautiful spoon of nickel silver (in the German silver is also part of nickel), etc. It is believed that if the pans, coffee pots, and the samovar and other household items have a beautiful appearance, the house live couple, who are willing to do any housework. In other words, by the gleam of objects in the xix century was judged on how a husband and wife relate to his duties. Glitter utensils talked about the Lada in family life. That's interesting here is obtained: the loss of nickel chaynichek – and the world again in the family! Take on the note:) That's only if you decide to give something of the above items, beware: no one wants to receive a gift of the tenth, even "on a very beautiful," the pan! And give, and receive a gift, of course, always want something different and at the same time useful! Let rarely, but such gifts are happening:) And even if the time walking to the shops there – not terrible: the best (iron), household objects almost never dispense with the nickel.