Internet Shopping

Features of trade through online stores. (The author – Alexander A. Demin, director of the online store 'your home entertainment' web address WWW.EKATORG.RU) In our time, a variety of online retailers are taking a larger segment of the commodity market, and their services are used by a significant percentage of the population. However, because of his experience dealing with customers shop, as well as exchange ideas with other directors of the online shops found that there are many aspects of the work, unclear to potential buyers, or that they had the wrong opinion. Our range of products – are computer games, encyclopedias, tutorials, software, movies for all directions adults and children, books, manuals, books for all ages and interests, used books, so the product is meant for this segment.

In particular, it is often asked: 1) Can I come for the item right now, to see what is available? 2) Why is there no sign shop on the street, why in the office sometimes there is no one? 3) Is there a guarantee that the product quality, why the organization at the store and not entrepreneurs or Company Ltd., is safe? 4) Why is good in two and sometimes three times cheaper than in stores?? It is suspicious, it probably home-made? Well, try to answer these questions in order: First of all, online stores are designed for the buyer familiar with the Internet, the computer user who knows what he needs and what it's called … …. It's no secret that we all want to buy the cheaper product to us, right now, without the hassles of running around shopping, excellent quality, but still delivered to your door … .. So maybe! In particular, it explains it all growing popularity of Internet shopping – it's efficiency and low prices. But since there are no miracles, and the goods all the stores buy from one and the same wholesale supplier, and often at bargain prices, the online stores can save only to: reduce the number of employees, size of the warehouse, the amount of margin and the absence of an open shop shopping area.

Projection Screen

A bright projector lamp will form an image of acceptable quality for any light surface – from walls to light a white wallpaper with a discreet pattern. But if we are not talking about the art installation conceived and advertising or I want to get away from the projector all that he is capable, it is best to use a projection screen. Today's projection screens that are not already a bedsheet on the wall. And despite the fact that it's not complicated electronic equipment, newcomers may be disheartened by the number of criteria that should be taken into account in its selection. 'Well, white on the wall … … what else? " It turns out that 'more' – it's a half-dozen additional criteria.

Let's try to understand all this variety. Fixed and mobile is first necessary to decide – whether the screen was installed in one place once and for all, or it is required for viewing in different rooms. If you intend to use the screen in different grades or classrooms, offices or presentation – the choice of mobile solutions will be predetermined. This means that important features will screen such as the weight of the structure, size, folded, convenience of folding-unfolding. Perhaps these characteristics and will not go in the first place, but what proportion of these selection criteria will rise – no doubt. When you select a stationary model, we will not divert these parameters and the foreground will be the picture quality. It should be noted that choosing the least weight mobile version, do not forget about the rigidity and stability, and a convenient and reliable locking in unfolded state mechanism – not too much to increase the size and the same weight.

GDP Economy

Our economy, and its young companies lack the resources for development – capital, working capital etc. At the same statements about overheating Kudrin Russian economy and an excess of money by some strange coincidence does not correspond to a low level of monetization (the ratio of M2 to GDP) of our economy – about 40%, whereas in China it is 165%, while in developed countries, more than 100%. These symptoms of financial famine is particularly strong against the backwardness of the Russian financial system. On the contrary the advanced economies do not have this disease. In a more advantageous situation turned out to be our major companies, formed as a result of privatization, particularly of raw materials. Their cash flows are deployed for export, can obtain funding on international markets. Therefore, it was absolutely wrong to copy the tax system developed countries (the former on their stage of development quite different), our Russian reality. Our economy is in need of development resources, and if they can get through more effective tax policy, then their should be given, and as soon as possible, particularly warranted in the favorable commodity market conditions.

Otherwise, then it will make more and more complicated. On the contrary position is controversial enough Treasury – offers to postpone the transfer of matter beyond the horizon of 2010, ie when the budget surplus under the draft 3-year budget will be gradually reduced. Therefore, the solution of this issue in the future may be rejected as it was and to this day, despite huge budget surpluses over the past few years was, for example in 2007, 1.78 trillion rubles, or 5.5% of GDP. As you know, the world's capital seek to where it higher return, ie where lower risks, costs and taxes. Ie there where the factors of successful business development, the absence of global counterfeiting problems or the so-called investment climate is better.