Wedding Dress

When the topic comes to choosing a wedding dress, in front of every woman there is a question of choice, which becomes a huge problem, because so many beautiful options we offer, and what to choose – puzzled. We must remember one fact, that wedding dress can be incredibly beautiful, and you will mutilate. Dress should be yours. Of course, the first thing to notice is the design of the wedding dress that fits the shape. There are only four basic types of sewing dresses. Dress forms "Princess" has a soft transition from pull-up corset, a wide bottom model.

This dress looks very nice, although the shape and physique. Wedding dress the so-called "Empire" has a high waist and long skirt. This dress can be made as snug, and wider. For this reason, such tailoring is perfect for expectant mothers or for women with a large physique. Further, there is a style which is called the "Ballroom." Even the name of style speaks for itself.

It is fitting corset and an incredibly fluffy skirt, and, of course, do not forget about simple straight dress. This wedding dress is perfect emphasizes curves of the body, that shall maintain a good figure. A woman in a dress should be of sufficient height, so as not to seem small and flattened. " If we talk about the figure itself, the design of dresses, of course, is just to emphasize dignity of the bride, and in no way overshadow the very triumph of the heroine. For each style must have a certain type of shape that would dress sitting rovnenko not seem baggy. Thus, in a dress straight type, full the lady does not look very aesthetic, but in a dress ball shape, too skinny bride will look awful. If we talk about the color of wedding dress, the white color, of course, as came into vogue many years ago, and not goes from there. But do not stop at this color. You can always keep an eye on any model of tones, from bright purple flowers, and until light golden tones. Likewise, in addition to the monotonic dresses, embroidery can be done by another color, the same white wedding dress. The most important thing is to choose the shade that suits the color of your skin, and thus, the color of the skin to tan may be different from the color after it, and the tone may well not suit you. Another tremulous question is to purchase a dress. It can sew, buy or rent. Of course, after rolling, there is no question about what to do with the dress after the wedding, but if you think about how many brides have put it, the desire disappears. If the dress to buy, not the fact that the same model does not flaunt other brides, but the dress is new, and will remain your after the event. But the purchase will come quite expensive, in contrast, if buy it on hire. When it comes to sewing, you should take seriously the search for the studio and keep in mind that if you do not sew, so you lose money, and the feast will be spoiled, but it is a guarantee that your dress is unique. So, dear bride, the choice before you. Be the most delightful and compelling in their wedding ceremony!