Perceive Without Naming

Most people have only a peripheral awareness of the world that surrounds them, especially when the surroundings are known. The voice of your mind absorbs most of their attention. Some people feel more alive when they travel and visit unknown places or foreign countries because at that time his sense of perception, experience, occupies most of his conscience than thoughts. Become more present; others are completely possessed by the voice of his mind still in those moments. Their Instant judgments distort their perceptions and experiences.

It is as if they had not left their homes. The only one who moves is the body, while they stay where always have been: inside their heads. This is the reality of the majority of people: as soon as they perceive something, ego, that be Ghost, gives you a name, interprets it, compares it with something else, accepts it, rejects it or qualifies it for good or bad. The person is imprisoned by the forms of thought, of conscience of the object. Is not possible to wake the spirituality until both cessation compulsive urgency to name or to be aware of it and be able to observe it when that happens. Is constantly naming the ego keeps his place in the unobserved mind.

When ceases the momentum of naming, and even at the same time in that we take conscience of the interior space opens and we free ourselves from the possession of the mind. Take any object that has the hand (a ballpoint pen, a Chair, a Cup, a plant) and visually explore, i.e., looking at it with great interest, almost with curiosity. Avoid objects with strong personal associations that reminders of the past, for example, the place where it was purchased, the person who received it, and so on. Also avoid anything that has letters on top such as a book or a bottle, because it would stimulate thinking.