Catalonia Discarded

The Generalitat yesterday gave another twist to the strategy to stand up to the High Court of Justice of Catalonia and keep unchanged the language immersion model now questioned by that agency. The counteroffensive, personally orchestrated by the President of the catalan Government, the convergent Artur Mas, and their advisers, focuses on two fronts: the judiciary, denying to the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) powers to demand changes to a law in force in less than two months; and the politician with the sight-oriented to the needs of the future Moncloa. CiU is still running with the PP in Catalonia, a preferred partner of the Government in the minority. But the PP perhaps not can count with CiU in Congress in the next parliamentary term, when the party led by Rajoy may require pacts with nationalists if he ends up winning the elections but without achieving an absolute majority. Source of the news:: Catalonia discarded a court to alter its linguistic model