After the marriage has broken one of the greatest number of questions and unknowns generated between the partners is that of alimony. many do not understand what their basis, generating a large majority of cases considerable frustration on who should pay to address it. In basic terms, it is based on imbalance often generated after the cessation of cohabitation in the former couple. Carrier spoke with conviction. Its basic assumptions are as follows: A) First, there must have been an effective marital cohabitation partner, so that both spouses enjoy an ongoing basis of a certain status in life for more or less time (have come to be granted maintenance after marriage that lasted only four months). B) The joint project had failed, taking place the initiation of procedures in the face of judicial separation or divorce of the couple. C) Following the break in the coexistence is due to produce an imbalance economic relations between the two, who have continued that he had never taken place.

In short, one of the spouses had to leave considerably worse than the other after separation, with respect to the situation that was in immediately prior to it. Therefore be considered when assessing the balance immediately prior to rupture, without regard in any other past. D) should take place, moreover, a significant goal prejudice by the failure of the marriage project. And it is very commonly either spouse may have given up jobs or studies for future projects due to marriages contracted by supposing that a considerable limitation on the time to restore his life after the break. In this sense, it is often one of the two had stayed at home caring for the family and doing housework. That would be the typical case in which proceed to grant alimony. E) Finally, the board finally provided must be adequate, so that does not entail an excessive burden on the spouse responsible for paying and may involve, at the same time, an effective rebalancing their positions. Could be established on a temporary basis, or even indefinitely, depending on the circumstances considered by the court and depending on the possibilities of perception to see that their situation improved in the future. Begona Alcaine Basin.