Basics to be known for effective human resources management are: o Motivation, translates to the level of enthusiasm and self belief of the people around the task to be run and which is associated directly or indirectly to the achievement of meeting their needs. In this sense, a motivated person to work meant to organize work projects or assignments conducted efficiently and effectively. Motivation is important because it is a key component in the productivity of the organization, hence the manager as such, must create, strengthen and maintain the enthusiasm of all his subordinates to work, this means that workers perform their tasks on their own responsibility and not for fear of possible punishment. In this vein, the manager must know certain aspects of human motivation to achieve successful management, especially the fact that much of human behavior is influenced by their needs and desires, each person expresses their behavior based on what they want to achieve, according to their needs but its efforts are achieving their personal goals. o Leadership is the ability of a person (leader) to influence the behavior of individuals, and by driving to his ability to guide the group towards a desired end, motivating, directing and trying to understand the problems that are presented to the subordinates in their tasks and work environment, make the plans become reality. The leader determines the best actions to materialize the objectives of the group. o Coordination with which synchronizes and harmonizes the efforts of every member of the organization to achieve the desired goals for this the manager must reconcile any differences and use them as best as possible. o Communication or process by which transmitted the information necessary for understanding people, which is accomplished with the coordination of efforts in the right direction.

Unifies organized activity, integrating all its elements. These elements (motivation, leadership, coordination and communication), is where it will express the human side of the manager, is where print treated less authoritarian, more open and more demanding in terms of respect and the search for a harmonious atmosphere among people, characterized by development of touch, intuition and sensitivity. In doing so the manager will be developing good relations at all levels. Consider, that research has shown that leaders have the power to exalt and improve the effectiveness of its employees to the extent that you believe in them. Or conversely, can make them fail if your prediction or expectations on them are negative. In this vein, the perception of the manager’s subordinates, his prejudices, tolerance, trust, issues relating to believe or disbelieve in others, the treatment of its staff, etc. will manifest into reality with the attitude and performance of those who has under his orders. It is in this way come true the Pygmalion effect, or in other words “you reap what you sow.” Definitely, it is important that management identify more with the human factor and provide any collaboration required to achieve productivity, results that benefit all.