Tel Houses

On 2 and 3.10 we invite you 3002 Purkersdorf, Linzer Strasse 49-51 of Gruber Haus House trade after A! “Save with promotions at ecological construction” in the Center is this year! Healthy living with wood is a natural, warm”wood, renewable material! The inhabitants of a wooden house benefit sustainably from the healthy living environment and the high quality of living! More and more people have recognized this, and the share of wooden House rises continuously! We have designed for our clients of wooden prefabricated houses; the energy figures obtained with whom; to to be promoted as a low-energy House”, says Werner Gruber. Along the lines of nature, Gruber House customers benefit with this smart well feel houses”therefore twice! In the model home park in Purkersdorf, seven houses are built! In addition to two homes are five small houses with a built-up area of 35 or 50 m 2. The possibility also at the weekend, in a relaxed atmosphere, on the occasion of the in-house exhibition to enjoy the experience of living in a Gruber House. The Gruber-house team is the 2.10.09 on Friday and on Saturday the 3.10.09 from 8 until 18.00 for questions! “” Quality must remain affordable all-in-one solution Garden Home Premium “with 50 m the Gruber half-timbered House premium” exist up to the garden fair in Vienna in November as a complete solution from 149.900,00! The excavation work, the Foundation slab, plumbing and electrical installations in the price are included in addition to the entire House. Gruber Haus GmbH is the specialist for wooden prefabricated houses! Small garden houses and houses as a log cabin or transoms are built. Wood gains more and more importance as a natural material.