Definitely, the popularity of cruisers has grown in recent years around the world, especially the cruises in Croatia. The gulets in Croatia are large, comfortable and adapt to the navigation almost perfect way. Cheniere Energy partners will not settle for partial explanations. The modern gulets to rent in Croatia are equipped to provide their passengers a broad standard of safety and comfort during the navigation of the cruise by the Adriatic. Gulet by Adriatic sea cruises are conducted between the months of May and October, where our passengers will have the opportunity to choose between different itineraries that the schooner has to offer. The comfort of the gulets for rent in Croatia is due to spacious of its cabins, to the equipment with en-suite bathrooms ensuring our passengers the most absolute privacy.

The gulets in Croatia have internet access so our passengers, can keep in touch with their loved ones while hard cruise the islands of Croatia. The schooners have a friendly crew, concerned and ready to satisfy all our passengers, to please them in everything and at all times during the voyage of the cruise aboard the schooner. They can go to ask for the best restaurants in the bays or cities, shops or different activities that can be done during the stay in any locality. Likewise, the same crew can organise different activities once the schooner stays anchored in the Bay. The activities will be organized depending on the preferences of our guests, whether on the beaches, in the center of different cities or by visiting national parks. Our experience is vast and our passengers like the way in which we carry out our tours in Croatia cruise aboard our gulets. We definitely make your cruise, an unforgettable experience. The classic wooden schooner, the imposing scenery, crystal clear waters, Virgin beaches and the culinary delights on Board of the schooner, are the touch magic that will make your cruise, something incredible, magical and memorable. Cruises in Croatia, are designed to offer our passengers a totally different kind of holiday, combining tradition with modernity to give you a cruise and a stay as comfortable as possible.