Bronze recent alloy obtained by humans is known with certainty which is the * bronze *, which took the opportunity to carry out or grow in the prehistoric time, essentially known as the bronze age. His position was mostly for the construction of equipment and tools kitchen and perfection, lasting hundreds of centuries in these basic units for the common life. Its growth has continued to grow its features and it is currently used for the training of charms, pendants and art as different figures. The discovery of the bronze had many advantages for the humans because he encouraged the people to have many products for unconventional, procurement and sale reaching to allocate so for money to expand the country’s trade and international, with great international importance in the goods of several centuries. The style of its production came from the compound of copper mineral such as malachite or chalcopyrite, along with the Tin by putting in a warm oven with charcoal. They aleaban minerals with 5 to 10% of consistency Tin, because the natural coal narrowed them and they dissolved faster, these two ingredients are determined with great comfort in Nations such as Iran and Thailand where there are old deposits.