Cyclops Polyphemus

Sicilians love and respect your volcano. And treats it with special indescribable awe. Old people say about Etna as a woman: That she wore a hat out of the clouds, here it is terrible – all in thunderstorm clouds, that's the opposite, smiling and alluring – with silver edging out of the snow on his head, flashing and winking at the bottom of all standing, or becomes suddenly mysterious – turning half the clouds, like a shawl. That's talking about her as a wayward but beloved woman: the Etna like this lady – her character. And sometimes she shows it – about once every 3 months Etna erupts, so that will not find it. While on the other hand the disastrous eruption is extremely low, and casualties as rule did not happen – all in time manage to escape. And what legends wound residents of his beloved volcano, dating back to the Greeks So the Greeks peopled Etna cyclops, the most famous of which was a one-eyed Cyclops Polyphemus, that clever Odysseus, got into his hands, so as not to be eaten, put out one eye and fled, and Polyphemus subsequently furious metal in the water blocks and chunks of rock, by the way, rocks to the ppe has rise from the water, recalling the History of Polyphemus. Nothing was left unattended and the heat of the volcano. In its very womb, in the depths of the fiery lava vents, the Greeks placed in the heart of Etna's forge of Vulcan – that there is something in the hell of Hephaestus and forged their swords. However, Aetna pays for people with interest for their love and respect: the slopes of the volcano is incredibly rich in natural substances, so there are all sorts of horticultural crops are grown, ranging from apples, and ending with olives, and another on the slopes of Mount Etna always collect superb vintage, the wine is highly valued for its taste.