Byzantine Orthodox

This view was expressed repeatedly in the past (for example, A. or Berdyaev) Russia's uniqueness lies deeper than in architecture, literature, dress, music, art, religion and ritual traditions or rather, in all these areas of Russia's uniqueness is also present, but she gets into these areas with a deeper level, where it is "Root" of the specifics. Author's opinion, in modern Russia and Russian people today is much easier to find something truly Russian, mentioned by or Berdyaev what was with the Russian people through the era "Socialist materialism," "imperial Westerners", "Byzantine Orthodox". What is now with the Russian in the era of "Western democracy" and that it was possible in Russia even before the adoption of Christianity and even before calling Vikings. In modern Russia, is easier to identify true Russian because of all the artificial "add-ins" were destroyed. The fact that most Russian people do not feel their "Russian-ness" – quite naturally.

There is one Eastern parable about fish that swim in the ocean from one guru to another and asked "what is the ocean?" because it was from birth surrounded by an ocean, and therefore did not see him. Also, the Russian people. They not only do not feel their "Russian-ness" and the commonality with their fellow citizens, but also tend to brand their own state and the country as a whole. In my opinion, is dictated by the fact that before 1917, when the majority of Russian people were poorly educated peasants, and so and to this day the majority of Russian not speak foreign languages, and poor knowledge of history and culture of other countries.