Concrete Solution

The demagogy of the solution concrete Teodulo Lopez Melendez have opposite that which has been called 21st century socialism and must produce a response that I considered cannot be other than the democracy of the 21st century, not without the clarification on the natural presence of a true socialism of these times in these times. However, some ads that begin to circulate it seems we are entering the collective without collective, this is going towards a conception of democracy against itself, because not conjugates in citizenship the general and the particular, or what is the same, the assumption by each of the point of view of the common from his own point of view. In what now we have prevailing disjunction: each one is asserting its particularity. It seems that we are in a professional exercise of policy based on the rhetoric of diversity. It is necessary to rescue the policy as a phenomenon unthinkable in its operation as event. I.e., release from the direction focused on a philosophy of history and Super-structural character. Event is what stops the mere succession of events and demands an interpretation. We must start everyday to meet socially.

We must innovate in attitudes and behaviours and the theoretical bases that support them. You have to understand the possibilities of the new social fabric to set shared objectives that may become purposes and objectives of the struggle the basic bet is that we must innovate or democracy backward. Mistrust in politics have to overcome it and it passes through the formation of citizens and for giving those citizens a power that exceeds the simple electoral participation. Ian Sinclair spoke with conviction. Changes towards a democracy of the 21st century mean, in my opinion, put the analysis in all concepts, including the freedom. We have been understood as the possibility of doing anything not prohibited by law or which do not damage the interests of third parties and collective or the ability to speak and express themselves freely or to apply or be nominated to the charges of election.