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It was created in Europe from the 15th century. The Greeks established a general legality, to be able to be explained. Already allowed it its political, social and context that in their leisure hours realizaban reflections (Plato Aristotle), they did not do manual work; It allowed that it could be separated from the concrete to solve. Greece in 5 or 6 centuries produced good science, for example the physics of Aristotle, lasts until the modern revolution (Galileo). Geometry of Euclid’s elements, lasting until the 20th century. Other examples include Galen, Hippocrates, etc. What broke the link with all knowledge was:-when the Roman Empire falls, the Church was the depositary of all cultural knowledge.

-No one in Western Europe could read Greek. -The powers of the Roman Church believed that knowing you vastaba with the Bible. -There was the fire of the library of Alexandria. In the 13th century they re-enter Europe the Greek works (North Africa), translated from the Greek into Syriac, of the Syrian came to the Arabic into latin; It did not arrive in authentic form. Originals produced a commotion in Europe, because they dazzle, before much knowledge. We had to adapt to know that it was coming, that scholastic was, creating.

In the middle ages, science was not practiced intensively. Promotes the investigation. Inept but inexorably surguimiento of a new social class, trying to lean on the craftsman, in the small trader. Hatch big cities (Paris, London) and the power is passed from hands. Creates a new form of production, trade, develop craftsmanship (shoes, clothes, etc.). This creates guilds of craftsmen; they are very strong, because they know that their work is very important; knowledge is transmitted from teacher to student. This small power of the bourgeoisie is taking body. These people brings as a consequence, a new morality (to the feudal Lord work was a SIN); the new bourgeoisie puts at leisure as a sin and performs the work. Brings a capital idea, progress, (until the century XIV the idea of progress was not known) with the possibility of improving in the economy. This new social class brings with it the growth of production (in the Middle Ages it remained, no surplus is sought). Ascending social class searches this surplus.The distance communication generates transport. There are surpluses begin to surguir shops. When the route was obstructed it had to make another. The Portuguese are seen as the only ones to have a reliable path. Astral guidance was needed. Who better than the scientists to provide them. In the middle ages surgue the first scientific technique, caused by the need to created transport. They hire technical to improve techniques, ultimately research was paying. Another revolution was the printing press, it has to do with the dominant religious ideology, with discomfort. That discomfort is the need to disseminate the Bible, all that new knowledge come from the ancient Greeks. Surguiendo the concept of nation will, it loses strength feudalism and grows the strength of nation. I invite you to visit the Digital Library of where you will find quality checked for your spiritual and personal development articles: labor output, health, sports, computing, entertainment, languages and more.