Examples of use. HtaccessIndeksnye page: Can be situations when you need to change the composition of the index files, for example, if you want the index page is index.php, and in the main configuration file httpd.conf, it is not spelled out. This problem can be solved with the help file. Htaccess, which need to create a directive DirectoryIndex, which will list the names of the index page: DirectoryIndex index.php index.shtml index.html When you request the directory without a filename will first be implemented search page named index.php. If a page with this name is not in directory, similar operations will be done with the file index.shtml, etc. before the end of the list until it is found and opened the corresponding stranitsa.Zapret to display directory contents in the absence of an index faylChasto you do not want to show the list of files in a directory if not specified, or no index file.

For example, disable the display contents of a directory with pictures. If such a ban would not put, the user appeal directly to this directory will list all images. Options- response codes Web-server ApacheNi one site does not zatrahovan of errors. The most common mistake is to follow a link to non-existent page. In this case, Apache generates a response code 404, and displays the automatically generated page with the error message. The presence of non-existent pages makes a bad impression on visitors. This impression can be smoothed, if instead of the standard pages, to substitute its own page with an error message.

Internet Directories

Internet directories are often in order to find the correct site, users access the directory – for example, Rambler Top100 ( or Bigmir Top25 ( However, the user is not always interested in some broad themes – movies, music, literature, Sports and the like. Much more often the user wants to find on the internet for something more specific: information about the work of Gregory Tyutyunnik, personal website of Oleg violin; specification refrigeration display cases Diona PASTRY, Family Law Ukraine and all that. What do I do then? It is in such cases and must be used by search engines, which, as evidenced by the slogan of the most popular Russian search engine Yandex system, "There everything! ". "Internal" search engines Before you start talking about finding information through search engines, it is worth a closer look at how search engines are built. This will allow us to understand the basic principles of their work, and hence, by becoming one step closer to the necessary information to us that they are. Primichanie: The user sees only the external design of the search engine and its search engines and the "innards" are invisible. Conditionally search engine can be divided into three parts.

One of the parts – "Spider (crawler). You may wish to learn more. If so, WhiteWave Foods is the place to go. This program is a robot that travels over the Internet and reviewing Web pages. The pages that he has reviewed, entered into the database search engine (eg, "Index") in the form of words or phrases. Thus formed a huge database with which you can find out which pages are relevant words or phrases.

Internet Directories Classification

Primary structures of the Internet are directories. It is not surprising, because in the early development of the Internet to find the appropriate link to your site has only been possible in the directory. The value of this structures decreased with the advent of search engines such as "Yandex", "Rambler," "Google" and others – find information on the Internet has become automatic. But now we can not deny the benefit of the directories for the sites in the development of or having a low rating so far. Moreover – in a directory of articles it is possible to find even a link to the site, completely unknown.

Search for articles in the online catalog is simple: they are usually located on the headings, in accordance with the subject. Nevertheless, it is possible to find the same article attached to the various headings. These catalogs are available for any visitor to the network and their basic function – to inform, because kataloah collected an incredible amount of interesting and important articles, which include a link to the website source. The catalog is, of course, and that each user can, if desired, to catalog own article of any subject. The unit directory is thematically: that is, there is a directory devoted exclusively to a particular topic (eg, construction or engineering), and catalogs obschetematicheskie, which is information on every conceivable topic. Also, the article directories is possible to divide into three so-called "color" of the group.

"White" directories do not require registering a back reference. But if the webmaster who publishes your article, yet to make white catalog link, the page describing his site will get ranked higher in comparison with a standard reference. Thus, to link to catalog all the same profitable. Gray directories require a link back to the unfailing order, and place a link to before, to apply for their placement of the article. And finally, the directories are black – they set the link announced on site instead of only reciprocal links directory that you are using.

Shopping On The Internet

What is the market of online stores Runet today? We make a brief review of the various categories of goods. Cover the entire market in one article is impossible, so we will take one store with the most "Talking" to the name of his area and see how it is convenient to the buyer. What products, service conditions, payment, delivery, discounts it offers. Let's start with those products that we buy most often – are products and drinks. Among them are allocated separately online stores of alcohol.

Liquor Store offers customers all types of alcoholic drinks from regular beer to elite wine aging. The range for lovers of really wide liquor: whiskey, brandy, calvados, brandy, vodka, liqueur, sake, gin, brandy, port wine, tequila, sherry and a dozen other names. In general, the store leaves a good impression. He is not forcing the purchase of alcoholic beverages, and it promotes a "culture of drinking." Navigation is quite easy: you can choose a drink by name or country of origin. To each of them included a description strength and recipes that you can use the alcohol. You can also read the accompanying article literacy use, of the difference between a fake liquor from the present and the other way, if you wish, together with order will receive a certificate of authenticity from each drink Under the terms of delivery of the goods you receive the next day or next day (depending on time of order), and it will be completely free of charge for you if order amount exceeds 5000 rubles.

How To Marry A Foreigner ?

Find love abroad can be either on a dating site, or through an international marriage agency. Of course, you can meet her only on holidays on the Riviera or stay abroad, but what If traveling abroad in the near future is foreseen? Method number one widespread Internet makes it possible to quickly organize your search for the second half of any country in the world. International dating service – Internet service that provides Internet services for users of virtual communication with people from other countries. Objectives dating can be very different – virtual communication, friendship, serious relationship, create family. How does it work? A girl that wants to get acquainted with a foreigner is registered on a dating site and creates a profile, which indicates your name, date of birth, or it can describe their appearance (hair and eye color, height, weight), indicate the level of language skills. You can then upload your photo, which increases the chances to meet its second half.

After registration, the user can send and receive messages browse profiles of users. For overseas dating sites characterized by the fact that girls can not find the questionnaire on the Russian Internet, it will only see foreign men. And basically this is a man of advanced countries. Search function is available profiles of men on certain parameters, specified at registration (country, age, appearance, etc.) On many sites available services such as chat rooms, blogs and video communication. To begin the correspondence is not necessarily speak a foreign language, you can use the built-in converter or use the electronic translator on one of the free sites:,, translate.