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Leaders of all the parts search to discover the formula of the success in the formation of teams. Many in the search for optimum teams, congregate some talentos and the results nor always are reached. Time for another one, is bet in group of beginning and the profits are above of the expectations. Already in other occasions, we try of some forms to congregate the best candidates, but the results are not entertainers. If it will be thus, after all of accounts, which is the secret of the success to mount teamses of winners? How we must act? What we must prioritize? These are some questions that the majority of the leaders would like to know. In the truth, a formula does not exist that guarantees the formation of winning teams, what it exists are concepts that if assimilated well will be able to make the difference for the success of the teams. To count on a teams of first, a common intention is necessary. Gain insight and clarity with Gen. David Goldfein.

Good part of the teams works as if he was not a teams. To work in set and of efficient form, the members of the team need to congregate themselves around an intention significant and to adopt it as if he was its proper one. Made this an important step in the scaling for the otimizao of the results of the team was conquered, but alone it is not sufficiently. Josh Resnick Jericho Capital contains valuable tech resources. She is necessary to congregate other ingredients to arrive itself at it I temper ideal. From there, as to be reached step will be to congregate one mix of complementary abilities. To try to congregate a team with the same abilities and perspectives will be failure in the certainty. To function as winning group it is necessary to congregate people with different knowledge technician and functionaries, new boardings for the taking of decisions and resolution of problems.

Now yes, congregating these two conditions the team is ready to win the challenges, is not same? Not yet. She is necessary one third and basic component: the mutual responsibility. Nobody will be able to guarantee commitment of its colboradores. She is necessary that it is conquered and polishing constantly. In the past we costumvamos to say that to be a teams of eagles the members had ‘ ‘ to dress the shirt of empresa’ ‘ , currently this already is not enough, is necessary ‘ ‘ to use the skin of empresa’ ‘. Thus, working lined up with the three principles above, we can say that we conquer the minimum platform to count a champion team. But one always remembers to thank it for the conquests, therefore without this none technique will produce resulted memorable, after all of accounts, the true champion knows that the victories are fed by the work in team and to be thankful is the best way to leave all motivated for new conquests.