Anton Semenovich Makarenko

all in the same single variant, without any noticeable deviations. In other words, the author does not notices in the sexual self of young people something sverhstrashnogo. This is certainly true, but Somehow my son, then a preschooler, asked me on the forehead: "What is sex?". It may be that my inquisitive offspring to the pore read have a children's encyclopedia, where the figures show, where children come from. But the details of the beginning of this process the artists, of course, discreetly concealed.

Frankly, while I was intimidated – the question was asked with the child immediacy, which as soon as the children of these years and are fluent. It is tuned to respond as easily without the bells as perhaps we were talking about breeding some acacias. At the moment I hesitated, and turned the conversation to another topic. But, without delay, is scheduled to find out that according to this case believe the existing psychologists. Found two in dissimilar places, and both inspired the same thing: if lad to find out about this year at 6-8, he proznaet it quietly, without typical teenage emotions, shame, and best of all, if just relatives, parents from searching for a response to similar questions are required, the harmonic sayings.

However, a mistake not to acknowledge that he himself attributed these recommendations specific to its time, which is allowed to think the following words: "It should be noted that a reasonable sex education within the same family would be greatly facilitated, how would society as a whole subject has given an immense active consideration ". Certainly, sex education is not just only in explaining the technology loving act. Such limitations would be an equivalent distortion. The main thing – it's "learn to love, learn how to define love, learn to be happy – therefore learn to appreciate himself, to teach human nobility, and would add – to learn to relate to his own body.