Fra Angelico

He was born with a double objective: the show works owned by the Crown and discover the existence of a Spanish school as worthy of merit as any other national school to Europe. It’s a collection consisting of approximately 7,600 paintings, 1,000 sculptures, 4,800 prints and 8,200 drawings, in addition to a large number of objects, decorative arts and historical documents. Currently, the Museum exhibits in its own seat less than 1,000 works, while about 3,100 works (dispersed Prado) found, as temporary deposit in various museums and official institutions, and the rest is kept in warehouses. Due to the magnitude of the collections exposed and the difficulty in deciding what to see; the Prado Museum proposes visitors three tours for his masterpieces.The Museo del Prado is immense, and the quantity of works to be seen is unattainable unless you visit the Museum more than one day several hours. For this reason, the Museum organized 3 types of travel which depend on the time he has to make the visit, whereupon 15, 30 and 50 pieces that run through the names of the most prominent painters, as well as exceptional works of jewelry and sculpture from the Museum’s collections have been selected.

Some of the works that never cease to see are the Annunciation of Fra Angelico, the washing of Tintoretto, the deposition of Roger van der Weyden, El Jardin de las delicias del Bosco or the three graces by Rubens; In addition to some of the works of the greatest Spanish artists, as Las Meninas of Velazquez, El Sueno de Los Goya shootings or Jacob de Ribera. Although not as important museums, you can also rent an apartment in Barcelona and visit the spectacular works of Gaudi. In this sense, Paseo de Gracia could be considered a museum already by itself, with works such as la Pedrera, Casa Batllo or Casa Ametller..