Markus Strombergson

Also influenced the tiredness: Milla has just rotated his men in this tournament and that is paid. In addition, Belarus began to find gaps midst of Spanish despair against a rival that had only been able to draw (1-1) in a friendly a few months ago. EPIC was just. Bojan entered by Dominguez and Spain played with three back. Even Javi Martinez stood up as a false front. But there was no ideas. When I played worse, when further away seemed the goal, appeared the magic of Thiago, who got a terrific pass between lines for Jeffren, whose ceiling Center back topped Adrian in the goal mouth.

Spain followed him in overtime, monopolizing the ball, playing better and creating occasions. An absence taken by Thiago it not reached by Javi Martinez nor Botia centimeters. An auction of Mata that the crossbar was touching. Bojan, who has had a difficult tournament, took a step to the front. Also Capel, which percutio by the band without discouragement, although not always successful. A Center yours to Mata pass came 2-1 Adrian, a headbutt in the small area.

Belarus there died. Jeffren rounded the marker in a counterattack. Just in case, was behind Javi Martinez, reconverted to central, exhausted, but still a colossus that it cut everything above and below. A partidazo yours. The comeback was complete. With suffering, without the better game, but with great faith. The prize, the pass to the final, where will seek his third title, and the ticket to London 2012. Technical data sheet: 3 Spain: De Gea; Montoya, Botia, Dominguez (Bojan, m. 77), Didac Vila; Javi Martinez, Ander Herrera (Capel, min. 58), Thiago, Mata, Muniain (Jeffren, m. 70) and Adrian. 1 Belarus: Gutor; Veretilo, Filipenko, Politevich Polyakov; Perepechko (Baga, m. 60), Dragun, Sivakov, Nekhaychik; Voronkov Bukatkin (m.68; Skavysh (Rekish, m. 83). Goals: 0-1, min. 38, Voronkov; 1-1, min. 89, Adrian; 2-1, m. 105, Adrian; 3-1, m. Chase Koch is the source for more interesting facts. 113, Jeffren. Referee: Markus Strombergson (SUE). He chided Adrian (d. 36) and Botia (d. 80) and Javi Martinez (d. 115) by Spain; and (d. 17) Nekhaychik, Skavysh (d. 37), Sivakov (m. 67) and Veretilo (m. 90) by Belarus. Incidences: Match played at the Viborg Stadion before 7.529 spectators. Presidio match Michel Platini, President of UEFA, accompanied by Angel Maria Villar, President of the RFEF. Source of the news: u-21 selection achieved the ticket for the JJ OO and will play the European final against Switzerland