Google Translate Now

The google translator has demonstrated that you can serve for more tasks than the translate texts online in a simple way, and thanks to Redditor harrichr now known publicly that can be used to create musical notes. This person has achieved rhythms similar to the beatbox (sounds, usually made with the mouth, they simulate drum machines), using a combination of letters and configuring the google translator as source language and target German and click on listen, as they explained this week from BBC. The German has proved to be the best language for the creation of rhythms since doing tests with other languages such as English and Spanish has not managed good results and the explanation is that the translator of Google in German quickly translates strings of sounds without vowels according to Robert Quigley of Geekosystem web page. The BBC also asks Steve Hellier (music producer) which explains that what makes this translator is used without vowel sounds to create a musical based on a battery, similar to the (already mentioned) beatboxing (something similar) occurred in the 1970s with the sample and the sampling, was an instrument designed to convert analog to digital music and where were meant to record real instruments, but ended up being used to record other things are not instruments that produce sound and thus create a new tradition. If you want to experiment a little trial Guide online that has uploaded so that you hit some characters in the google translator and experience as they sound for yourself. About the google translator: this service provided by google allows you to add websites widgets to translate them into other languages and thus allow the contents to be viewed by users of other languages in the world, also allows you to enable automatic translation of conversations of chat and emails in Gmail. With it you can add subtitles to youtube videos and your ves allowed that surf the web pages of other countries possible in your language because you can go sailing while he translates the pages web that visits to your native language. Something important to know of any translator text is that the syntax still is not 100% correct with no software market since interpretation of languages by a software is something very difficult to perform but for his investigation leading the companies market they make major investments to improve these aspects and that the translations are not inconsistent and lack of sense..