Information Technology

One of the great abilities and skills of a good Manager, especially responsible for SMEs is to know the opportunities arising from the globalization of technological development in order to participate proactively and take advantage of opportunities that allow you to grow, to conquer markets. In the Venezuelan case, where SMEs face serious problems in its operation, productivity, participation, product of many factors, among them the action of the new Government which has given way to programs, efforts in favour of a Bolivarian revolution which aims to establish what has been termed socialism of the 21st century; as well as the effects of globalization, new openings economic, competitiveness, technological development, requiring a new Manager, visionary, proactive, that faces challenges, opportunity, to adapt to the reality of the scenarios and to participate that is achieved the conquest and permanence in the markets, not only in the national, but international who knows doing advantage of information technology. The truth, that the possibilities of growth of the SMEs in the country, are related in good measure with its capabilities to promote information technology. The size is not necessarily the main barrier to the development of SMEs, but it is their isolation, in other words, be SME do not have to be a weakness, more if the SME is capable of structuring in an enterprise network that will generate new policies for the development of the competitiveness of it, since it facilitates the access of technology broadcast service. All this offers possibilities that an SME would not be enough by itself alone. They can thus combine the advantages of flexibility and size with the competitive advantages of large enterprises, such as access to technology, financial capital and international markets. Be considered, that all of this in recent years has given way to the opening of new markets, being very significant for many companies that weren’t prepared for it, as the case SME.