Spanish Technology

Spanish technology in the diagnosis of Breast Cancer today cancer that affects women (between 200 types) is breast cancer and which presents higher rate of mortality in which are between 35 and 54 years. Early diagnosis is, according to the experts, the best option to overcome, since it reduces mortality by 29%. Now, a new technology advances up to one year the diagnostic capability of the breast cancer on current methods. Referred to as Mammi and was presented yesterday in Valencia. The new product of original technology Spanish – is the result of a joint collaboration between the Polytechnic University of Valencia (UPV), the Centro Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas (CSIC), the Institute of biomechanics of Valencia (IBV), the Institute of instrumentation for Molecular image (CIEMAT) and the Valencian company Oncovision. Mammi is a system PET – nuclear medicine – stands among the traditional treatments of breast cancer since it is measured the consumption of sugar from the tissues, already that a cancer cell spends between 20 and 40 times more than a normal. The novelty with respect to traditional magnetic resonance imaging is that its resolution is up to four times better, so it is able to locate very small lesions. The analysis is performed directly on the breast, instead of on the whole body, which increases reliability and reduces the radiation.

With existing systems, there are up to 25% of false positives, while Mammi reduces them to 2% or 3%, explained Jose M Benlloch, CSIC researcher and project coordinator. Improve the follow-up as well as early detection of a tumor, allows to evaluate whether chemotherapy or radiotherapy treatments are being effective. It also offers greater security after surgery, since you can analyze with precision if a tumor recurs or not and avoid the scars are confused with injury for the subsequent cure of cancer. The project is placed at the forefront in detection of breast cancer, insisted Francisco Mora, Vice President of Planning and innovation of the UPV. But it is not just a question of results.

Breast cancer is malignant in many respects, since it has a great impact personal, family and social, added Gabriel Gonzalez Pavon, director of Oncovision. Why is he has tried to humanize most the time of the review and the machine has been created under ergonomic criteria. The stretcher is accessible for patients with reduced mobility and allows them to rest in a comfortable position, in which the breast is not compressed. In addition, the test takes 10 minutes allowing to browse more women, said Gonzalez Pavon. Even though the machine has already been approved in Brussels for its commercialization, the researchers presented Mammi as a complementary system to the current methods of detection and an important innovation technology for the cure for cancer, based, above all, the screening (mammography). This method is worse, but has the advantage that it is very turned on, added Gonzalez Pavon.