Let’s Talk About Choosing Paint

During the renovation and decoration works, we often use the paint. But do we know on what basis should choose the paint? Standing in the store, the customer is lost in conjecture why a painting is within the allowable and price other strikes with its sky-high? Yes, and how to determine how oil paint is better emulsion or vice versa? Of course, such details are not clear enough for "newbies" for repair. So, basically always such Buyers want to buy something cheaper and cause a "cheap" in several layers to achieve a more or less good results. With poposchyu paint runs most repair work: painting walls, ceilings, roofing, etc. The purpose of this article – to teach the customer to choose the paint not only on price but on quality.

The first step is to figure out what is in the paint, and then repair the walls or roof repair. The composition Paint consists of four main components: the dye, solvent, resin and additive. In the cheaper paints more solvent, but less dye and resin. The percentage of cheap paint and solvent water reaches 70%, that means: after the application of solvent and water evaporate, which makes the paint layer is very thin. This explains the repeated application of paint to the surface to produce the desired result. Therefore, it is better not to save on the cost of paint, yes, and in his time. Producers are divided into two types of paint: water-based (latex paint) and white spirit or alkyd-based (oil paints).

Latex are the most popular because they are environmentally friendly, quick and without odor. The paint on the surface stays very long, as when painting a dense film, which also protects the surface from harmful mold and fungus. Treating surfaces covered with latex paint, water-based, can be a simple soap and water. Also a big advantage to this type of paint is the ability to use virtually any surface. Less popular alkyd paints. More often than alkyd paint used to color the wearing surfaces, which susceptible to external influences. Alkyd paints dry longer than latex, but on the surface after staining with no traces of the brush, which is certainly a positive development. The cost of alkyd paints much higher than latex, and also alerted that such paints are flammable, so using them is better to limit. Not pleased with the strong smell of toxic paint after that long time passes. When choosing a paint should pay attention to its luster. Usually, all the colors are divided into high-gloss, matte and semi-matt. Glossy paint is seldom used for coloring home environments. Most of them used to isolate certain elements on the surface. Mat with little or no light, so it is better than the other types of paint hides the various "nuances" to the surface. So often it is used for painting rough surfaces. Honed paints are mainly used for color spaces that require frequent and intensive cleaning is sufficient (eg, bathroom, kitchen). Cleaning of surfaces, painted matt paint, resulting in thinning of the layer, but the semi paint prevents thinning of the surface during the cleansing of impurities.