Ceiling Window

The windows can be done either in the walls and doors. The area of the bath window may vary depending on the pop-up form, but usually it does not exceed 5-7% of floor area. Have a window so that he could look out of steam or washing. As with the double and single frames for the windows in the bath should have a double sealed glazing (glass on a single frame are attached at both sides). Make the window in the window is difficult, although it greatly facilitates the airing of the bath. In brick baths make better window of glass. So as they provide a soft ambient light, require no curtain, more hygienic and durable than conventional ones. Sealed fog ceiling and a yellow milky color is used for artificial lighting.

To ensure ventilation above the top shelf make the vent – a small rectangular or circular hole in the wall. It closes a removable cap of soft material padded chocks with a handle or a wooden sliding shutter. C For the same purpose in the bottom of the door or near the stove-heater at a height of 25-50 cm from the floor make air inlet vent. He, too, should close the damper or valve. Making the shelves in the steam bath – is the next step finish. If the room is spacious, the shelves can be 2 or 3. The widest make the top, which is usually steamed, lying down, bottom make a little narrower. Have shelves one above the other, or the letter "G" (the latter is an appropriate option in the baths with combined steam washer and to save space). To the top shelf, it was convenient to bathe sitting distance from the ceiling must be at least 115-120 cm, and between the upper and middle shelf – 40 cm bottom shelf usually do approximately at the height of 20-25 cm from the floor.