Marlboro Produce

Parents who give everything to their children in order to see them happy, but not educate them, in the long run eventually in a world of conflict and without firm foundations to drive to maturity and mental growth. The couple, when they only enjoy each other in the good times, but do not respect or protect, neglecting the communication and without foster mutual growth, sooner or later the hen leaves them put golden eggs. The binomial of maintaining the productive entity and do produce is very important. A company can not be devoted to investing in machinery without producing, as neither should devote himself only to produce forgetting to the productive apparatus properly maintain. Surprised to see leaders who have great energy and ability to perform, although some of them physically do not correspond to the model of Superman or the Marlboro cowboy, but quite the opposite: resemble Gandhi, Mother Teresa of Calcutta 0 Francisco. I.

Madero, among others. Mystery today clarified scientifically, all of them have been addicted to a drug: endorphins, they were endorfinomanos, but do not imagine that they injected or they smoked something weird, but that they had the capacity to produce the substance called endorphins, secreted by our brain, and that is 120 times more powerful than morphine itself. The brain, like you or my own, can produce it unlimited. The formula is very simple and its practice is which is a real challenge: endorphin = expect the best. The mind works under two extreme paradigms: expect the best or the worst wait.

The second is the most common because it does not require anything. In counterpart, the autoyisualizarse as the winner requires an effort of an invigorating energy that encourages action and that will allow us to face every obstacle not as a problem but as a challenge. How to get it? The life habits to have a full life, and call them the supervitamina are: hope for the best, which offers us an optimistic and practical vision of life. Energy that give us the power of realization. Emotion that allows us a healthy psychological development and an affective means to relate with others. Evolution that drives us to change through permanent learning. Spiritual life that give us internal security to enhance our values and project us towards happiness. The secret to being happy is to be happy!