The Past

They do not desire more to be married. They want to have many men. They frequent bars, the environment esfumaado with linguajar of low calo already does not bother them. The stadiums of soccer, full of suarentos men, full heads of drugs, wordiness chulo, proper places of the men of the past are each time more invaded by them. What they would go to search there? Today they hear and they say palavres with the biggest naturalness. He does not have distinction between them. I am generalizing, clearly.

Pointing the trend of this century. 2 – They had become financially independent. They are not in house taking care of of the home and the children. They more than do not need the poor man who turned object pleasure. They need to have tanquinho. The values of character do not count. The old proverb: that he is honest and diligent does not exist more. The belly of tanquinho is the biggest requirement.

3-for another side the men had weakened. They are not more responsible for the sustenance and the maintenance of the family. 4-A woman cannot more count on it. Many had opted to the homossexualismo. Clearly that they exist of nascena. Nobody must condemn them. Others had inside lost its paper of the home. They do not search to grow as person. They do not study and nor if they prepare to exert a function better inside of society. The facultieses are full of strengthen women (80%) and a number very reduced of men. They more are accomodated. 5-As women without instruction catch in the heavy one. They are laborers of workmanship, truck driver, to chofer of Taxi, mechanics of automobile, being played wonderfully well these functions, therefore after all somebody needs to work. The men are sleeping in house, accomodated. Everything that desires is that the woman possesss bumbum and seios of silica, nor that she is of the TV to appreciate and to dream.