Mexican Hotel

Since 01 February 2013, the flagship of the Schweriner sailing hotel with fresh wind under a new flag formerly Crowne Plaza Riverside bleacher is since 01 February the carathotel Schwerin. The 4 star superior hotel will be continued under the new umbrella brand professionally and can count in particular in the areas of marketing and sales with a strong tail wind. We are very pleased that the hotel now belongs to the carathotels. You may find that

Aims therefore to the developments of the future and a targeted offer developing the negative trends to counterpoints of the industry. In addition to marketing and sales offers 4-Star superior Hotel in addition a bcathletics’ own quality offensive. Crucial are the brands caratbeds and caratbreakfast, which in addition to other quality standards of the brand carathotels”the claims of modern and style-conscious travellers from all over the world to address. At the heart the sensation for lifestyle, consumption and culture with a 5-star breakfast and a wine bar, champagne bar, the cafeteria or also a versatile library will be in the future. Visible, for hotel guests, also the aura of the Art Association is caratart”, promotes the nonprofit young and lesser known artists, by he specifically offers a wide exhibition and marketing platform in a high-quality, international environment. The restoration of the hotel faces a change.

The classic cuisine of the hotel is for bcathletics outdated; today’s guest expects native cuisine with some refinements and high quality craftsmanship. To this claim in to follow customary “carathotels quality”, the entire concept of Hacienda implemented from 1st April 2013 in the carathotel Schwerin. Then as juicy steaks and Spareribs, as well as the complete range of the Tex-Mex – are on the card kitchen from the Hacienda valid also for the carathotel Schwerin magazine. Still, dishes from the international cuisine are offered also as usual. The Hacienda restaurant concept is a protected brand, which has enjoyed at all popular locations and excellent guest reviews. Typical finesse of Mexican beers such as Corona and Deperados expands the range of drinks. In addition, we complement the popular range of the hotel’s bar on our product and event partner Moet & Chandon through a wide range of fine champagnes. The carathotel Schwerin invites all guests, friends and residents of Schwerin and the region, to try out the new and extended range and to treat yourself to a little culinary trip to Texas and Mexico. About bcathletics carathotels the umbrella brand is a strong brand in the hotel landscape. Under the protected brand bcathletics licensed, affiliated independent companies in growing number with corresponding success unite. The brand “carathotels” has earned now a large and prominent image in the hotel market. The quality standards, hiding behind this brand, impressively steady growth and high popularity among the guests. caratbeds, caratbreakfast and caratart for example have already achieved cult status with the international audience.