StarMoney Chipkartenbanking

After a long break and again features the free billing / accounting software Alzey, 20.08.2012. New features accounts from and input after writing an invoice can now choose the number of copies for printing and also post the invoice as a bar entrance. LibreOffice support has been improved, so newer versions are supported: the Linux version running now for example Kubuntu 12.04 again out of the box. Thanks to a new library for embedding OpenOffice/LibreOffice and the upcoming version 3.6.1 of the free Office suite work the LibreOffice community will work just as well with Gnuaccounting as so far only Most important new feature is the input Wizard, which provides a simple accounting and payment incoming documents. New import and export formats contacts can now import and export, a new chart of accounts (“is your”) is available and an additional bank data format (Volksbank online-banking) can be imported.DerImportvonBankdatenistwichtigfur Gnuaccounting as smaller companies one most of their accounting process in which they choose only counter account, VAT rate and document number. So far, Gnuaccounting supported so only the import of Moneyplex, hibiscus and StarMoney Chipkartenbanking via HBCI/others. More new features a list of past business transactions can now be viewed, this was previously only available for individual bookings.

In addition, the Belegscanfunktion now detects barcodes and the management of the assets has been expanded. Gnuaccounting 0.8.1 release appears at the 23.08.2012 at 15:00 on A pre-release version is gnuaccounting available up to that point. More details about changes and corrections the release notes “under latest/RELEASE_NOTES.txt refer to.