Near Field Communications

Apparently, Apple aside the Retina Display on your iPad 2, and speculates that you make their appearance for the iPad 3. SD and other notable gaps in the iPad 2 USB ports is the lack of USB and SD ports. Until now, Apple has just presented a solution that relieves in something this lack of ports, and is an accessory that plugs into the port on the iPad and allows you to connect a digital camera or read SD cards. Likewise, you can also connect other devices such as keyboards and USB headphones, but that’s all. In this aspect the tablets of their competitors have the possibility of using cards SD for external storage, even have USB ports for external storage, such as USB hard drives. Connectivity Thunderbolt Thunderbolt is the name that brought Apple technology Intel Light Peak, allowing speeds of twice as much as the new USB 3.0 standard. Apple placed this type of connection in their new MacBook Pro just a few days ago, but that connection was remiss for the iPad 2.

Technology Near Field Communications (NFC) this type of technology allows exchange of information between nearby wireless devices. So far, the most common applications have been the use of devices equipped with NFC as a means of payment or credit cards. Competitors like Google Android system already have support for NFC since version 2.3, better known as Gingerbread. Rumors and images about a function there are e-wallet in iOS which could point to NFC on the iPhone or iPad, but there is nothing concrete so far. 4 G other points against having the iPad 2 is the lack of 4 G connectivity, the successor to 3 G networks for high-speed data transmission. So far, there are already some tablets of competition which have released versions with capacity 4 G LTE, so we’ll see what makes Apple in this regard.